You aren't cool for hating people with stomach-related fetishes

Multiple of the ones I have come across 3/4 of the comments are filled to the bone with negativity toward the person with the fetish or death threats. You aren't cool for hating people (and sharing it) that like to listen to their stomachs, like getting sat on it, etc. You're ending up coming across as rude, and honestly, highly unnecessary.
Let them like what they like >>

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  • Deal with it.

    If people want to have their little fetishes, that's fine. Now explain all 5,684 "I love girls' bellies, am I weird and alone in this world?" posts. That's trolling and/or evidence of mental illness.

    So if you need to cluck disapprovingly at people, aim that s*** where it's actually needed. (Hint: At the bellytards and other obsessive trolls, idiot)

  • Yeah don't get that fetish at all,although I find pregnant women a huge turn on

  • I get really tired of stomach posts

  • Seriously

  • Https://

  • I'm so f****** sorry you're full of s***, I'm real f****** apologetic about that. The stomach growling is full of s***.

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