Delaware river

I would often go white water rafting on the Delaware river. There are many places along the river where people will stop and relax. I often see women and girls topless and completely naked sun bathing. I would stop down river and walk back up to where they were so I could take pictures and videos of them nude and exposed. They really believe they are in the wilderness and totally alone. However I love to see them exposed and get them on video and pictures when they are totally unaware that I'm able to see them. I had hundreds of females that have no idea that someone has nude pictures and videos of them when they believe they are in a private place and no one is able to see them. I've posted hundreds of people on the internet and they have no idea that millions of people have seen them nude and topless on the internet. I may even have your pictures and videos if you have ever been to the Delaware river water gap area

Nov 10, 2018

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  • Any chance you could tell us the website or whatever? This stuff is awesome.

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    User name Carlospinzon

  • Love it. I hope i've seen these!

  • You do things like this also? I thought I was the only one. I don't take pics, but any time I see a car parked along a stream, I look inside to see if there are ladies items in there. If I see any, I sneak down along the stream quietly to see what I can see. My wife and I used to go to Vermont and lay naked out nakled with other people along the rivers. I recall one day, a guy came down and lay down between us and the water. He tossed his gym bag carelessly next to him and right below my wife. I didn't pay much attention until I saw him reach out once in a while a slightly move the bag. Then I looked carefully saw the hole in the bag. I presume he had a camera in there. I never said anything to my wife about it and have always wondered if he just kept those pics of my wife's p**** for himself or if he posted them all over the web. Either way, it excites me knowing he has them. I would have loved to see them, but he never returned so I could ask him.

  • Yes we are very much alike. It excites me to no end seeing women naked while they have no idea that I'm looking at her nude when she believes she is not being seen. As for your wife I would love to see her nude pictures

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I still to this day spy on my friends and family members whenever I get the opportunity to see them nude and exposed for me to video tape them and take some pictures of them. How I really love to expose them on the internet websites for the whole world to see and enjoy them exposed nude when they have no idea that everyone has a chance to see them exposed. I would love to see their reaction to finding the pictures and videos on the internet for everyone to enjoy even though I really love to j*** off looking at them

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