High School SwimTeam - Speedos

I recently found some pictures of me when I was on the swim team in high school. We all wore speedos and seeing the pictures now made me realize how much they showed off of us. The speedos were very snug and left very little for anyone seeing us in them to wonder about. Our backsides seemed almost a little sheer especially when the speedos got wet. We weren’t naked but were very exposed. Some pictures showed us with our junk so pressed against the material of the speedos that it stretched the material so tight that our shape and size no longer was a mystery. At the time I knew we were a little exposed but not that much. It makes me wonder what the teachers, parents and other students thought about how on display we were.

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  • I think this could have also been a political move or game. Prior to us getting our speedos there was a complaint about the outfits the girls on the gymnastics team were wearing because they may have been too form fitting. I think we may have been used to prove that if girls on the gymnastics team had to wear their outfits that they would make us guys wear some very revealing outfits too. It may have been an eye for an eye to prove they were not playing favorites with the sexes. I guess our bodies were used in a sort of battle of the sexes.

  • Kids have no idea and its our duty as parents to protect them.

    I was at a family gathering and we were going through old photo albums. There was a picture of me and my brothers lined up for the obligatory Christmas photo. I was wearing these tight short shorts and a singlet top. Im a guy. In a way made me cringe but at the time it was just what I wore.

  • It was some parents, a couple of teachers and our coach that choose the type of speedos the team wore. I guess we wore them because we were told to and since we all wore them we figured it was ok to do so. I just wonder how it got past all of them to have us so on display like we were unless they wanted us to be that way.

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