Wearing a Gold Collar

My wife of twelve years has ordered and received a $250 gold collar for me to wear around my neck permanently. I don't wear my wedding ring. I don't know why, I just don't like it on my finger.
The collar is about 3/8 dia. and sets low enough that when I go to work in a office my shirt and tie easily cover it. But, a bunch of us guys go to the YMCA to swim and they will then see it for sure. Swim trunks and gold collar. She has already shown it to other couples while in the box and they all agree. She wants to have our friends over for a evening dinner when she fills in the little allen s**** with epoxy.
She calls it a necklace?

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  • You need to have your head examined

  • Submission ahhhhhh to belong ahhh.

  • No. Definitely no. If you allow it, you might as well get a little storage unit for the back yard and start living in it, because she's going to have real men coming by constantly to do her in what used to be your bed. You'll have no purpose in her life. So, no. Definitely no.

  • Ha ah.
    Thanks for the advice but, I can't believe she would do that.

    Yesterday (Sunday) a couple of friends were over at our place and her girl friend brought up, "would be a convenient place to attach a leash as you wouldn't have wear out your new automatic dishwasher."
    Everybody snickered ....but me.

  • Https://gfycat.com/mintyformalkoi

  • Thanks for that.....
    Wore the collar all last week to see if any problems with rash or such things.
    Kind of different wearing, taking a shower as you are still wearing something.

    No problems to speak of so is wrapped up for xmas under the tree.
    While my and her folks are over for dinner I will unwrap and be surprised and place around my own neck she tells me.
    Wear till New Years night at midnight when friends will be over for the sealing.

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