My Confession

I am with one girl but despite of my love to her i had s** with a prostitute. i have promised god that will never do this. but i breaked the promise. I love that girl very much and cann't live without her and don't wanna lose her. I dont even want that my god gets angry with me. What should i do???

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You should confess to god, her, and yourself because if you lie then you committing to crimes and if she finds out from someone else she will be even more angry and it would hurt her even more to know you kept it from her. you should tell her everything about wat you did and how you feel about it all and if she still leaves you then maybe it wasnt true love and if it was then you will find her again. if you love as much as you say you do then put yourself in her shoes so would you want her to keep such secret from you or would you rather know the secret and work to make your relationship stronger so you can get past that mistakes because even though cheating seems like a very bad thing its nothing compare to wat most couples face and lots of couples still stick together after that. I know if its true love it will still work for you and her take it from me my dad cheated on my mom and my mom is still with him and they love eachother so much and they work on building their trust for eachother everyday

  • wow, my advice would be that you think about what you really want. If you love her why would you cheat on her and have to pay for it too? Have you no shame? what is it about your girlfriend that you don't like? I am not saying you don't love her , only god knows your heart , but have you given any thought of how good it feels to not cheat? I hope you two don't have children.....if you two do you will keep paying if you go continue down this road...i say you should pray about this ...

  • tell her, j***, you want to be a liar too?

  • Hi, I guess my question to you is why did you choose to be with a prostitute? Was it because your girlfriend is not sexual enough? Or was it for fantasy purposes. I think that you need to figure out why you did it and that will help you not do it again. I agree with the above poster I really hope that you used a condo. Those women have tons of men going in and out of them they're like a highway!

    Also how long have you and your girlfriend been together?

  • Keep it to yourself and don't do it again!And for everybody's sake I hope you used protection!!

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