I caught my wife

I usually leave for work at 9 am and drive to work. So by 9:30 or so I'm very busy. But this day I was on my way when I remembered I had left some papers I needed on top of my desk at home. I turned around and by 10:00 am was pulling into the driveway. I went in through the garage and ran to my office grabbed the papers and was heading out through the kitchen to the garage when I heard my wife scream out. I froze and was about to call out to her when I heard her again. I waited and just listened a bit. My heart was pounding in my chest. I knew right away what I was hearing was my wife having s**. I felt my fist tighten with anger. I wondered who in the h*** she was s******* in our bed. So I started to go up the stairs. Listening to my wife. My mind was racing with many thoughts. I first wanted to get my hand around her thin sexy neck and squeeze the life out of her. Then I'm going to kill her lover slow and painfully. I'm a black belt and know several disciplines of the martial arts and ways to inflict severe pain. I then concentrated on the noises. I heard him but couldn't quite make him out although he sounded familiar to me.

Maybe it was George our next door neighbor but my wife Sandy said he was an a****** and a j***. Ok not him who could it be. Maybe someone she worked with at school. I was listening to my wife being pleasure by another man. I found my d*** getting aroused as it was getting bigger in my pants. I was actually becoming aroused by the sounds of her enjoying another lover. I was now at the bedroom door. It was cracked and dark I could see her lying on the bed only partially. Part of her torso was all I could see. I could tell se was moving as I could detect moving. He must be on top of her I thought. I wanted to push the door open and let out a loud yell. But I just stood there and listened to them making love for several minutes. Then I heard another woman moaning also. Three I thought. Two women and a man. Can't be. Who's the lucky man? Can I join in? I gathered up the courage and I pushed open the door. There lying naked on the bed legs spread. Was my wife Sandy with a large d**** in her left hand pleasuring herself. On the big screen television on the wall was a video we had made of us making love.

Sandy looked up at me and said come join me lover I could use a real man instead of this d****. I told her about what I thought was going on. How it made me so turned on and I was completely erect. She found it a turn on also because I was turned thinking I had caught her with another man and because I was also angry. She said you care If I am with another man and you got so jealous but your also turned on. I hopped in bed and we made love like a couple teenagers first time. Oh it was wonderful. She said yes you caught me with yourself. I laughed and said I was read to kill myself a slow and painful death. Oh how great we made love. I called of work and we stayed in bed the whole day just loving each other and touching and kissing and it was so great. I thought about how my heart felt like it was going to burst when I thought I was listening to Sandy s******* another man. This was something we were going to have to explore together. Oh yeah baby!

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  • If my wife had private time to herself and I snuck in on her she would be on Facebook.

  • I call bullshit

  • I know what your talking about. I have s** videos of me and my wife. I keep them on my phone and I often m********* to them. I thought it was odd, me masterbating to my own wife, but I guess I'm not the only one who does it to their own spouse. Just can't help it, I love f****** my wife and I love watching her be f*****. I would let her f*** another guy while I watched, but she won't do it. Maybe someday she will though.

  • I have videos of my wife playing with guys online from chat roulette sites. Very hot and I m********* to them all the time.

  • Next time it would be me with your wife just pretend its TV again and walk away

  • Ha ha !! his c*** was better than yours.
    Why would she want you when she had what she wanted in your bed banging her brains out. He took what was yours now that hilarious!

  • Did you read the whole story? Or just half way? You should read the whole story, then you will find your comment is stupid. But it made me laugh knowing you didn't read it all. Now THAT Is hilarious.

  • Bullshit

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