My best friends mom

For as long as I can remember I have had a crush on my best friends mom. It started when I was around eleven years old. His mom would have been in her early thirties but I wanted to kiss her that's all I knew. But when I was fourteen and I started to mature and masturbate I thought about her. I wanted to see her naked and touch her body. She was always so nice to be and kind. I kept this secret for many years. When I went off to college she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. Oh boy feeling her pressed against me felt so good. I envisioned us running off together to some sunny beach some where and us making love. So off to college. I would come home for breaks during the holidays and go over to their Christmas party. She was always happy to see me and we talked. She was always interested in me and what I was doing. She asked if I met any nice girls. I said no and she said I would one day.

After college and I started my career I still would hand out with my friend and have fantasies about his mom. Even when she was well into her forties I still wanted her. I couldn't seem to shake it. Then I met a woman at work and we got engaged and married. But still I was in love with his mom. Even when she was in her Fifties I still thought of her. I now had children but I wanted her even more. Then sadly she got cancer and died. I was heart broken. I told my friend how sorry I was and that I had a big crush on her. He said yes we all knew that it was obvious. He said his mom had brought it to his attention and she left me a letter saying that she knew I had feelings for her and that she loved me like a son. I was very said but also felt good that she knew how I felt. She was always kind and understanding toward me. I lost a wonderful friend and second mom. I miss her hugs and talking to her. God speed my dear, you are missed. I put flowers on her grave a couple times a year. I just wanted to share my feelings about a great lady. Lady Elizabeth.

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