I watched my wife's mom

The other night my wife and I stayed at her moms after returning from a holiday, Her dad was working nights and wouldn't be home until the morning and our flight got in late, Since we live 2 hours from the city in a small town we didn't feel like driving home so we called the babysitter and asked her to stay at our place with the kids one more night and after talking for a bit her mom went to shower and my wife said she was going to bed while I decided to go smoke outside.
I was leaning on the back gate just finishing up my second smoke after a five and a half hour flight when i noticed my wife turn off the light in the spare room and a few seconds later the light came on in her moms room, I wasn't sure if my wife would have the window open in the spare room or not but it was a chilly night so i was hoping not and i thought i could sneak up and maybe take a peek. I crept up to the back of the house and looked at the window to the spare room and thankfully it was closed, I leaned over and peeked into my wife's moms room and initially i had thought i might get to see her change or something but i got to see a whole lot more.
I looked into the room and her blinds were partially open, I seen that she was in her housecoat with a towel around her head, She took the towel off and dried her hair then dug out a pair of panties from her dresser and then went into her closet, I could just see her back and thought she went in there to change and figured "Well if nothing else maybe i'll see her bum" I could see that she was digging in the top of the closet and when she turned around i was surprised to see she had a dildo in her hand. My wife's mom is very prim and proper, She goes to church every Sunday and so on and never ever talks about anything inappropriate, My wife even said that when her mom finally "Had the talk" with her it was the most awkward and uncomfortable thing because of how embarrassed her mom was every time she asked her a question and the whole conversation left her with more questions than answers so i was a bit surprised to see that she even owned one.
I was so excited as i stood there peeking in her window, She walked over, Closed her door and locked it, Pulled the covers back and laid down on the bed, She untied her housecoat and when she folded it open i got to see her whole body, She is 55 and an average built woman, 5 foot 6 inches, Probably 140 ish pounds, Nice looking for her age and her body is pretty much what i expected, She has decent legs, Kind of a chubby bum, Hairy snatch, Little bit of a tummy and on her back her boobs pretty much disappear but i know she wears a 36C. She got comfortable then licked her fingers and reached down rubbing her hairy snatch, She then grabbed her dildo and started rubbing it up and down on her clit, She grabbed her left nipple and started twisting and tweaking it as she worked herself over, She spread her legs a bit more and slid her dildo in and then shuffled up so she was half sitting up against her headboard, This position made her boobs fill out a bit more and she looked down watching as she slid her dildo in and out of herself with her right hand while pinching her right nipple with her left hand.
I almost started giggling when she let go of her right nipple, Grabbed her left one and pulled it up then kind of shook her saggy little boob, She really seemed to be getting into it and pulled her saggy little boob up licking her nipple that was pinched between her finger tips then slid down flat on her back, By this time i had my cock out and was jerking it as she started thrusting her hips forward as she slid her dildo in and out, She turned half sideways on the bed and i could see her snatch but her hand and dildo were in the way so i couldn't really see much until she finished, She lifted her hips a bit, Pulled her dildo out and started feverishly working her clit again while pulling her nipple stretching her tit as she did and when she came she almost sat right up, then rolled onto her side and bit her pillow i assume to stifle her moans since our rooms are only separated by a bathroom.
When she finished was when i got to see it all, She rolled onto her back again and her legs flopped open showing me her snatch, Although she doesn't shave she is not real hairy and i could see that she has a nice, tight looking pussy, She laid there for a minute and ran her hand over her pussy lips which was when i finished and then she put her feet on the floor and sat up, I got nervous because she had spun around on the bed and was now sitting up on the side closest to me but i just leaned back and kept watching her, She spread her legs and looked at her snatch then ran her hand over it again and then cupped her little boobs and squeezed them together as she seemed to tense up her whole body and then relax, I watched her stand up and take off her housecoat then she walked around gathering up her sleeping atire and then sat down at her makeup table naked, She sat and put on some face cream and then got dressed.
I snuck in and went to bed and no one was the wiser, I was surprised to see that at 55 she still has a nice snatch, I half expected it to be all stretched out and wrinkly but it honestly looks as good as my 30 year old wifes except that she keeps it shaved bald, Her boobs are saggy but hey, She is in her 50's and she actually has nice nipples, Big, Pink, and bumpy with a big nip about the size of the end of my pinky finger and even her bum is pretty decent, Full, Round and not all saggy, Good for her and i am glad i got to see her show, we both got off and probably both slept better because of it.

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