Role play

For years ive often wondered how it would feel to have a daddy daughter role play. im a male in my late 40s athletic build .anyone interested in chatting feel free to message me



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  • I'd like to find all you dirty nonces below who are posting and slowly introduces you to my rusty pliers and blow torch.
    Death is too good for you pervs, no,you need to be mutilated and named and shamed.

  • Oh it's so sweet and soft. I've been doing my 10yr old now for 3 months. You need to enjoy her now

  • Me and my cousin used to play role doing this I was 20 and she was 12 .we had lovely s**.she used to lie on the bed with her skirt up and panties down masturbating and I used to walk into the room and catch her,I used to tell her off and put her over my knee and smack her bare bottom,I'd get a h****** straight away she used to put her hand on it next thing we was at it licking her p**** out she'd suck my c*** then when she was ready she'd ask me to f*** her.i always did and she always had a lovely o*****,we are both married now and never told anyone about it,still have a bit of fun if I go to her house and she on her own,mmmm

  • That's great so you two have always done then?

  • I'd like to try this

  • I did this role play with my step daughter, it was the greatest thing I have ever done

  • Have you got a daughter?

  • I've done this role play

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