Airport exposure

I was at the airport checking and and I was wearing loose fitting Pants that had a belt with them that did a good job holding up my pants.
I had to Take off my jacket and I had a T-shirt under That pretty much exposed my bra. I was already conscious of my bra being exposed and then I tried to go through the scanner and they told me to take off my belt. I have to go in the machine where you have to put your hands over your head and as I did my pants started to slide down.. I quickly pull me backup and then be guy told me me you to put your hands over your head and keep them there till I tell you not to. I stood there frozen me and I put my hands over my head and my pants were starting to slide down again he finally said I could come out but keep my hands over my head. My pants had already slid down fully exposing my panties. As I walked out of the machine they slid down to my knees and then to my ankles.
I was embarrassed

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  • Thanks for sharing. I hope it inspires you to keep doing stuff like that - it can be a real rush. Make everything seem innocent and everybody gets a charge out of it. I just got a coffee and one of the women employees bent over to get supplies and showed bra & b****** - nothing especially erotic, but nice to see. With all kinds of opportunities to casually expose yourself, I wish you a lot of fun times.

  • Also, she should find as many opportunities to expose her p****.

  • And use an app like SCOS on your phone to secretly video the reactions

  • Yeah, like wear a skirt or dress no panties (or shift them over a bit, like it's a mistake) and sit across from someone on the bus or subway with a "heavy" bag on your lap so you have to spread yr legs a little to support it. Same idea with a loose bra showing nips to guys standing over/behind. You will make a lot of guys and more women than you might think happy with what they see! I just hope I'm one of them. (I'm male, but by acting like i don't know my pennis is hanging out I've seen nice surreptitious interested looks from women, after they initially glance to see if i know it, but i just look around like i have no idea)

  • Wife and I went to Hawaii on vacation. Out of everyone getting on the plane (about 30 of us) there were only two women who were attractive with big t***. My wife and another guys wife. They pulled those two out and made them go through the body scanner. They made them stand there for what seemed like forever while the whole group waited. The other guy asked me why they pulled my wife and his wife, I told him it's because the TSA agents wanted to see their t***. At first he didn't believe me until I pulled out my phone and showed him some of the scanner pictures and what they see. He was shocked. I'm like now you know why they pulling my wife and your wife.

  • Lucky security guy

  • Are you using this site as a rehearsal for a litigious claim against the airport security ?

  • Some of those TSA employees are absolute butt wipes

  • Didn’t they arrested you for carrying real weapon between the legs.

  • Next time just leave the panties at home and shave your p****. Maybe f*** the TSA person.

  • ^^^^ To many idiots in here ^^^^

  • ^^^^ too many people write and believe bullshit ^^^^^

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