Watching girlfriend get dirty?

Does anyone enjoy watching their girlfriend/wife/partner etc f****** another guy? We're in our 30s, and love each other. But I love to watch her ride a guy much younger and bigger than me with a bigger d***. No condoms used, so she comes to bed on those nights with another guys c** dripping down her thighs. A couple of pregnancy scares but she gets the pill or aborts.

And equally I f*** other girls, usually much younger and skinny. She doesn't watch much but loves to hear that I f***** an 18yr old girl (half my girlfriends age) although most are in their 20s. Sometimes I force her to suck my fick when I get home, which she equally loves and hates.

Sometimes I watch her at a glory hole going mental on a c***. And once wathed her take 3 college guys on. Mental life that we love.

Nov 23, 2018

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  • I absolutely love watching my sexy wife c** on some dudes c*** . On of the hottest things ever

  • I want to watch my virgin fiancée get dirty in the worst way.

  • It was one of our fantasies and one day while visiting San Diego we met a very young guy at a bar. My wife Dana really liked him. We came home and had hot s** thinking about Dana and him.
    Next night we went back to the hotel bar and saw him again. This time we invited him back. Never seen Dana so turned on by him. She basically had to teach him how to work his way to her sexually but it was hot her sucking his much bigger c*** off. She made sure to tell me how much she was enjoying him. I never seen so much of her thick cream all over his c***.
    This was the beginning and at my age I enjoy seeing a young hung guy handling my wife

  • My wife doesn’t want to do this but she occasionally puts on a sexy outfit and heels and plays with guys on Dirty Roulette. I make recordings and j*** off to them all the time. She is so hot.

  • I once knew a guy like that. He wanted his wife to have a fling. I was the lucky guy. unfortunately for him, it backfired. Me and her started dating and she left him.

  • Sad times for him! We've been doing this for several years now, we've probably f***** 200-300 each since we've been together. We've openly dated some of these people but ultimately we come back to each other, we still are massively attracted to each other and have s** a few times a week despite the other action we get.

  • I like watching my wife as well

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