Love Watching

My wife (long time live in girlfriend really) have been swinging for about 6 years. She has a regular boyfriend & I have a regular girlfriend which we both make love to a regular basis. I absolutely love watching her have s**. We only have one rule no strangers. We also swing with the married couple that live behind us. Now usually when we have our bf or gf over it is one on one, sometimes 2 on 1, & rarely we have a 4 way. However at least once a month I set up a weekend gang bang for my wife. It is me, the husband from behind us, the 25 year old that lives a couple houses down & his friend, and a guy from her work. They start showing up around 7 pm & my wife is already completely nude ready to go with a swollen p**** & her nipples rock hard. It nothing but over 48 hours of pure sexual pleasure & she 100% in control with the understanding that men need some recover time. I would go into to much detail but my wife loves it all. I have never seen a woman enjoy getting f***** as much as her, she loves it in her ass, & she is exquisite at sucking c***. So it is 2 plus days of f******, c*** sucking, ass f******, & p**** licking & on the final night she has all 5 us seated around the den & she gives us all b******* & she pays special attention to each individual c***, she always finished with her mouth, & always swallows.


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  • I want to be your neighbor!

  • You must be so proud of your little s***.

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