My secret spank kitten

I am 52, handsome fit guy with a gorgeous wife who is considered a 10 by most accounts. I work with a 28 year old Korean girl who is very pretty with a beautiful butt and we'll just about all of her. We aren't having an affair although I would love to f*** her. But for some time we have been smoking buddies at work. To make a long story short, when we are behind the building smoking...I have her place her hands against the wall and I spank her...sometimes she raises her skirt to get a better contact. That's it, no kissing no s**...I just spank that beautiful ass and she loves it. I sometimes m********* in the men's room about her. My wife loves to be spanked too and we have a very exotic s** life so it's not anything I lack at home. I just love spanking this hot young Asian girl but I do want to do more than that.

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  • Update: she is quitting the company. I took her out to celebrate and ended up in bed together. It was worth the wait...but also will be the last time. I don't want to have s*** to hide from my wife.

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