My secret spank kitten

I am 52, handsome fit guy with a gorgeous wife who is considered a 10 by most accounts. I work with a 28 year old Korean girl who is very pretty with a beautiful butt and we'll just about all of her. We aren't having an affair although I would love to f*** her. But for some time we have been smoking buddies at work. To make a long story short, when we are behind the building smoking...I have her place her hands against the wall and I spank her...sometimes she raises her skirt to get a better contact. That's it, no kissing no s**...I just spank that beautiful ass and she loves it. I sometimes m********* in the men's room about her. My wife loves to be spanked too and we have a very exotic s** life so it's not anything I lack at home. I just love spanking this hot young Asian girl but I do want to do more than that.

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  • Not spanking, but..Long nails scratching. Years ago, when I worked in an office building, I'd see the same people, usually, at the vending machines on the main level. Started chatting with a hot woman with very..very long, killer nails (my huge fetish), complimenting her, talking about them, looking up things to mention about them to her.. One afternoon, I was getting an iced tea from the machine, and had an itch. She wasn't there, so I rubbed my back on the machine, like a bear against a tree.

    She walked into the vending room, and offered to help, waving those amazing nails. I said yes, and she went at my upper and mid back, scratching like crazy until satisfying the itch (and maybe a little more). That became a regular thing, only more in private. I'd walk by her office (door was usually open) and give her a look, and we'd meet up in the maintenance room, where she'd dig into my back, arms, and shoulders with those killer nails until I sometimes had to beg her to stop, either because the blood she was drawing would go through my shirt, or, time-wise, I was gone from my office too long.

    Turned out, she got off on using her nails for that purpose, pleasuring and paining men, and I'd become her daytime guy, by my own doing. Can't say I didn't love it, because I did.. Only thing that stopped it was her office moving to another complex a few miles away. I did steal a few times there, but it wasn't as easy as having her one floor down from me in the same building..

  • Update: she is quitting the company. I took her out to celebrate and ended up in bed together. It was worth the wait...but also will be the last time. I don't want to have s*** to hide from my wife.

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