You know it

I can take better s** care of you than your wife can. You know it. I can satisfy you more and better than she can. You know it. I can make you happier than her. You know it. I can make your clients more impressed by you just by being with you in public than she can. You know it. There's nothing she does that I can't do better and sexier. You know it. And you know something else. I'm 19 years young than her. You know it. Come get it. You know you should. And we both know you want it.

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  • And once you get him for yourself he’ll see the real you and wish he was back with his wife

  • Your parents should be have their azz whooped for loosing a kid like you on the rest of us.

  • When I first started dating the guy I'm with now I constantly felt like I was competing with his wife. But that only lasted about 5 months. After that it was clear that she was competing with me. Except that she couldn't compete. He's mine now and that b**** KNOWS it! Sounds like you went past your man's wife too and long ago! Nice work baybee!!!!!

  • From OP: Thanks so much! I totally understand your points and I agree with all of them! My man's wife is no competition, same as for you! Thank you again!

  • Don't let him go. Don't give up. He obviously wants to be with you. Keep after

  • From OP: I will do just that! Thanks for your support!

  • Jesus F****** Christ, if I was that guy, I would dump my b**** wife and move in to your place TODAY!!!! You sound PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • From OP: Well, aren't YOU the sweetest thing! Thank you for that and for downing your wife! I love it when a man dogs his own wife to prop me! Love you!

  • How does someone start in love and end with such hating?

  • A truly excellent question. And one I wish I could answer. Do you have any thoughts yourself?

  • From OP: I'm not sure I understand this, or whether I'm the hater. But I can tell you that while I truly DO hate his wife, it's only because SHE IS IN MY F****** WAY! I think that makes a difference!

  • You don't sound very smart. And you certainly don't act very smart.

  • Agreed lol

  • From OP: LOL! I have two college degrees and am working on a masters (which my man is paying for) so I think that makes me pretty f****** smart!

  • Book smart and devoid of any good character. Pretty typical of tennage know it alls.

  • S** isn't everything. It maybe to some individuals like yourself, but it isn't to everyone. Each to their own.

    You maybe able to satisfy this person's sexual needs, more than their spouse. But what if his love for her, is more than s**? What if she has a beautiful mind, heart and body. What if she treats him like a king and she's his best friend, soulmate and family, as well as his lover - A bond fated. Can you replace a strong bond like that? Are you stating a strong bond like that is easily replaceable, by someone whose only gift is to open their legs for anyone, especially someone who tries to steal another person's man?

    What if this man is extremely happy already, who are you to intrude on a happy relationship and try to ruin it? Why would you want to do that? Are you that unhappy and jealous, that you can't stand to see other people happy? Are you that desperate?

    Regarding age, everyone ages and perishes. Without your looks, what do you have to captivate a person? Is it your shallowness? Is it your desperation to wreck someone's marriage/family/relationship? Why not seek happiness for yourself without trying to ruin others such as: Learning to respect, love and cherish yourself. Stop demeaning your self-worth, by only thinking your value is your youthfulness, sexual skills and your v*****. To reduce and limit yourself like this, is truly an injustice to yourself and no one else.

    You have a lot of growing up and self nurturing to do. Good luck 😊

  • From OP: LOL! There's nothing beautiful about this woman. She's a joke. Her children are a joke. And her marriage is a disaster, and I'm going to blow it up! THANKS!

  • Same situation with me. i am with a married older guy who hates his wife and his effed up kids. he wants to be with me and by this time next year he will be. i hope the same things for you.

  • From OP: Good luck! I wish you the best.

  • I'm in the reverse position. I'm 44mwf and my affair partner is 24mwm. My daughter was one of the bridesmaids when he married his wife, which is how and when and where he and I first met. At the beginning, we both thought this would be a simple and harmless little fling (or flings), but we gradually got more and more and more serious about each other. It's incredibly complicated now, and it could get incredibly messy, but neither of us are willing to end it. His wife is a sad afterthought in his life now (to my GREAT pleasure, and to my pride), and while I admit that his youth is arousing and thrilling and delicious to me, he and I are far more of a real "couple" than he has ever been with his wife or I have ever been with my husband. My guess is that you feel the same way about your man and his wife: that your relationship with him is more beautiful and fully-formed than anything he has or ever has had with her. I wish you only the best in this exciting adventure, and nothing but love and heat. I hope you get all you are dreaming of.

  • From OP: Oh My God!!! That is one of the hottest things I ever read! You go, girl! Tell us more! Tell us MORE!

  • God, you're a nasty old broad. I think I might be in love with you. :)

  • Me, too! I'VE GOT NEXT!!!!!!!

  • Why assume the person the op was stating about, is an unhappy married man, whom hates their wife? Did the op state that?! No, they didn't!

    Have you ever thought to yourself, that the op might just want someone that isn't hers to have, simply because she wants that person to be hers, regardless is that person is or isn't happily married? Think before making assumptions, I have. Possibilities, possibilities.

  • I had my gf on the side strip for my mate. My wife would never do it. I like the comfort of my wife and I like torturing my gf

  • From OP: This is one of the cruelest things ever. I hope they BOTH dump your sorry ass. You deserve that.

  • Ahh the other woman. You just don't get the deal girl. As is you are excitement plus for him. He spends his time planning get together. All that thinking of you by him. But if he were with you all the time he'd lose interest.

  • From OP: You're hilarious. No man has EVER lost interest in me. Not for a second.

  • Interested let's get together I will dump my wife for you!

  • From OP: I love that phrase, "I will dump my wife for you". Ooooooh, my sweet baby! I love wrecking marriages and families. Soooooo delicious!!!!!

  • You're a Gold-diggin' s***. We all know it.!

  • I've often referred to myself as a s***, because it's such a beautiful word, and such a hot word, and such a dirty word and it draws so much attention to myself and my lifestyle. I'm not offended by it at all. As for gold, yes I love it, but I never EVER "dig" for it: I can't help it if rich men bring it to me and lay it at my feet in worship. Men worship me ALL THE TIME. And so would you, if you had the chance. I think you KNOW that. If I spread my legs, honey, you'd crawl right up my ass.

  • It would be difficult to crawl up your a_ss. Your head is already up there love

  • True dat.

  • All of that is accurate. She's a s*** AND a golddigger.

  • So what? S**** and gold diggers are a lot of fun!

  • …...s**** are better than goldiggers……...and quite a bit cheaper......

  • ^ L O L ^

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