Trapped and despairing.

That I’ve been married to my wife for thirty years and I’ve had a male lover all of that time. I can barely force myself to have s** with my wife anymore, the thought of me having s** with any woman disgusts me anymore but I’m extremely excited when I make love with my boyfriend. I feel so trapped but I’m not ready to come out yet for a variety of reasons, what can I do?

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  • Seriously?? It's so fvcking fashionable to be gay now that you'll probably get called a homophobe if you DON'T come out. Grow a set!

  • Go eat a d***. Your disgusting

  • He's not going to answer anyway!!

  • Why not just tell her? One of her questions when you tell her will most certainly be for how long.

  • How would you feel to entrap your wife?

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