Thinking about cheating

I'm 23 and have thought about cheating on my boyfriend. I know I could never actually do it, I love him so much, but he never wants to have s** anymore and when we do, he just lubes me up and sticks it in and gets it done, mostly to shut me up. He always says he's either tired or not feeling g well, but he's fine doing other things. He swears that it's just because he's been 'sick' but even before then we were fighting a lot and not having s**. I love him, but I need to have s** regularly and I can't help but feel like he's not attracted to me anymore. I think about it more when I get mad or upset, but I would never actually act on it. It's just a frustrating situation.

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  • Are you sure he isn't getting it from someone else? Your problems aren't going to be solved by cheating. It's temporary and usually it just causes more problems. If he's sick, then he should see a doctor. The tired excuse..okay - everyone's tired these days, but him just going through the motions to satisfy you isn't okay. Where is this relationship going? If he can't talk to you and you can't get him to tell you what's really going on - then maybe this relationship isn't worth saving. Sad but true. You can love him, but you have to love yourself enough to know that maybe it's time to leave and find someone who really wants to be with you.

  • Try a diffetent approach
    1. Challenge him no masturbation and no o***** with you until you give him permission and that only will happen after you have c** and not guaranteed. Sometimes simply satisfy your self and deny him.
    2. Flirt and tease him. Hold hands, snuggle, show a little leg, flick hair, make eyes etc. Lead him on and tease him but dont let him have s** with you. You may find less is more

  • Maybe you're right. Maybe he isn't attracted to you anymore. And for that reason he may possibly not even want to be with you anymore. Stop wasting your time on someone who doesn't want to invest his in you. And if you do want to have s** with someone (considering cheating) it's better to break up before you cheat on him cause it'll make you look bad. That way when you two are broken up there's nothing anyone can say. Some people just fall out of it.

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