Complicated sexual urges

Sometimes I wish my husband would be more opened about being in a open relationship. In a sexual way at least. I think I’m not sexually attractive to him anymore. Our s** life is dull idk when’s the last time we had s**. We are amazing together we are literally each other’s half but the s** just isn’t there. It’s just not exciting to me anymore. I loved seeing him with someone else, we’ve had a threesome and a foursome and I enjoyed both of them! He can’t stand seeing me with another man though and it drives me nuts, it’s ok if I’m with another woman, by all means, oh god I LOVE being with women, but not with another man. Idk how I can put these urges to rest of wanting to suck and f*** a d*** without the means to cheat. I don’t want a relationship I just wanna f*** that’s it!

Jan 17, 2020

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  • Sigh... it shouldn't matter if you are with a another man or with a woman. He should just be happy that you are having a great time!

  • He doesn’t want to see you have fun with another man. He’s too immature to handle that so you’ll have to get that other d*** yourself.
    Maybe you could have one or two of the women bring a man the next time.

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