The college experience

Last night when we got home from a party, One of my room mates talked me into joining her and her boyfriend in her room. I figured what the h*** and holy crap, I now know why it is such a big thing...being with another girl I mean (He is not big). I may have to consider the idea of trying it with just a girl now.

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  • I'm 40 now and went to college late (Early 20's) but yes I also had experiences, Although I am married now with kids and a husband now but I still sometimes reflect on those days.

  • That’s hot as h***. What are some of the things you wouldn’t confess to your hubby that you did?
    My wife confessed so many things it turns me on.
    Having s** in the bathroom at a busy nightclub
    Giving outrageous number of bj’s in cars outside parties in College
    Going home with a guy at a club only to be gang bang by him and his friend which she says is most enjoyable sexual experience
    Having s** with one of her college roommates dad at his house during a party
    Yess there is more but it turns me on!!

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