Why now

It's odd that after almost 20 years of marriage that my husband now wants to watch me have s** with other men, He has always, As with most men wanted to see me with a woman and before we married I agreed to it, We did it with my best friend and it was a mistake, It almost destroyed my friendship because it became a situation where they both wanted more and I had made it very apparent that it was a one time thing that would never happen after we were married and yes I know for a fact they never went behind my back, I know there was no infidelity but I started actually avoiding partying with her because they would both work on me when I was drunk and she even took it so far as to walk in on us while we would be having s** hoping I would invite her to join, Over time she met a guy and that kind of all went away, He is not really into anything like that but thank goodness he...Redirected her attention.
More recently (The last 6 months or so) my husband has started a new...Obsession, We made a trip to Cuba, just the two of us and between starting way too early with the rum (I think someone may have added something), 30 degree temperatures and me already feeling frisky and provocative since it was my first experience wearing a thong in front of other people. We met a couple people by the pool, Started drinking with them and one of the two guys spent more time with us than the other one, Eventually my husband, Unknown to me had invited him to come with us, I was pretty drunk already and I thought we were going to the room to get ready for supper not really paying attention to the fact the other guy was coming with us the whole time until we walked into our room and he followed.
I looked at him, He looked at me, I looked at my husband and he looked at me, Before I knew what was going on I was in a hot make out session with this 20-25 year old guy and when I should have stopped...I didn't, I had s** with him, I had s** with him a lot, My husband watched, He joined in and he loved every minute of it, I basically had my world rocked and passed out after, I couldn't even stay awake I was so tired after, I had made sure my husband showed him out and I cleaned up but then crawled into bed at like 7:00pm and slept till morning, The next few days were awkward and weird with my husband constantly trying to talk me into it again and me refusing.
Since then my husband has been fascinated with the idea of me banging other guys, It's all he talks about when we have s**, It's the main thing that gets him off. All I have to do if I am ready to be done is get on my stomach, Stick my butt in the air and say dirty things about me banging some random dude and he is done within seconds.
I don't want to do it again, I am ok with the fact that I did, I am not having any...Internal conflict or anything like that but it was not my thing, I don't think about it, I don't have a need for more than what my husband gives me, I am ok with the dirty talk and role playing but really don't want to do it again and could live my entire life never being with anyone other than him.
Why does he Need/Want more.


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  • You should ask to bring another guy into the bedroom. Let another guy f*** your push while your husband watches.

  • Guess I should have read your whole post first. Sorry, it was just a little boring so I stopped and posted the above comment. Then I realized you may have f***** another guy so I read the rest. My bad.

  • He should consider himself lucky to have fortunate to have enjoyed you with a male and female. I am a male and back in the day when there were swinger magazines I had a few guys penciled in that lived nearby that I wanted my girl to have s** with.
    One day I came home and she found my magazine and went ballistic. I apologized and after some talk she layed me down on the bed and started kissing me saying it would never happen but the thought of that one guys huge c*** had her interested in some dirty role play. It was the hottest s** ever. Had we not been planning on marriage she admitted she would have taken up my offer.
    After all this I was able to get her to open up about some of her sexual experiences.
    I would have never believed she was this naughty and h**** of a woman.
    I still sometimes feel like my 5.5 inch c*** will never satisfy her like some of her past lovers she used to sneak off to have sec with. I asked her why she didn’t lock them in and she stated they were just her booty calls or either had girlfriends or husbands but the size of their c*** is what had her coming back

  • When I was a teenager my closest friends Pete and Patty were going steady and going to be married soon. Pete asked me if I was interested in having a three way with him and her. I was like why he said he really wants to see someone else having s** with her but she has no idea that I want to do this. I said OK if you really want to. So I told him to come over my house and while we and partying start making out with her on my bed and see if you can get her naked in front of me. If she doesn't stop you we can do it. We were all very very close friends and he got her half undressed and whispered something in her ear and out she just shook her head ok. The next thing I know Pete and Patty are completely naked on my bed going at it together and Pete looks up to me and said how would you like to have s** with us? Making it sound like we really didn't have this planned out. I took off my clothes walked over to the bed and started French kissing Patty while Pete was having s** with her. I was feeling her b***'s while kissing her and then she grabbed my p**** and was jerking me off that's when he pulled out and told me to swap places with him. She was so wet that I was able to go all the way into her v***** in one thrust all the way up to my b****. I pounded in and out of her like a jack hammer until I came deep inside of her. I was the best man at their wedding and when Pete was working she would call me over to her house and we would have s** for hour's behind my best friends back. She said that I'm so much bigger than he is and that she said if she wasn't with him she would have been with me. We had s** every single chance we could and he never realized how many times I was able to c** deep inside of his wife. He was so stupid for making her have s** with another guy she said it made her feel like a w****

  • Men l***.

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