My mother in law's dirty clothes

So today was no different than yesterday I went to my mother in law's house this morning and had to p*** so I took a pair of her dirty panties in there with me put them on my face sniffed and tasted the f*** out of them I think it's getting taster every time I'm there and after that I jacked off so hard and left a large load of my warm c** in them and put them back tomorrow same thing I'm loving it



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  • I have a mother in law who is 57 and she is mega hot! I'd f*** her in a heartbeat if I could ever get with her!

  • Wish i had as much nerve as you. i am in love with my m-i-l and have been in love with her since before i married her daughter. truth be told the mother is the main reason i married the daughter. i hoped I could work my way up the chain, so to say. but my m-i-l doesn't even acknowledge my existence. i think she knows i love her but doesn't want to encourage me. anyways.....i can't even bring myself to sneak into the laundry room and sneak out with her dirty panties. i want to smell them and suck on them (i want to taste her p**** and her p*** and her s***) and then c** in them just like you do but i guess i'm too afraid of getting caught. but i do want her to know how much i love her. do you ever see yourself eventually being able to confess your love to your own m-i-l??

  • I have told my mother in law who I felt about her and sent her a picture of my c***

  • DAMN! You really ARE brave! What did she say? How did she react/respond? That's amazing!

  • She just smiled when it was mentioned

  • My mother in law is 45 years old and still sexy as f***

  • This morning I was at my mother in law's house and took a shower and before I got in the shower I grabbed apair of her dirty panties to sniff lick and j*** off in to the shower with me I love the taste smell of her p****

  • How olds the lovely mother in law?

  • She is 45 years old

  • I have sniffed licked and tasted my mother-in-law's panties her p**** tasted and the same as my wife's..momspantysniffer

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