Today will be my last day in this world.I was born in a middle class family.Life was very happy till that incident.My father;who was rich enough to afford a c class Benz;lost almost 1.5million dollars in his business.I was just 11years old and was not mature enough to take the responsibility.Only option in front of me was to concentrate on the studies.I completed my high school studies with 95 percentile and joined one of the finest engineering colleges of my locality. Somehow I have to clear his debts and lead a good life-that was my only motto.I completed my graduation with a CGPA of 9.07 and grabbed 2placements.Now I work in one of those companies with a salary of just $9000/annum.With this amount be able to clear his debt.So I no longer have the right to continue with my life.Here ends a saga of a warrior who fell on the thorns of life.Bye



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  • Lol.
    Let me know when you've done it so I can shoot my load.

  • Who said you were legally, ethically or morally responsible to clear your father's debt ?. Let him clear his own f****** debt. You owe him nothing.

  • Please respond.

  • You there hun.

  • Me too will get dead as i can't save my home don't have money enough so see you soon

  • Wtf. 11yo. worrying about dads debts. now working at 9k/yr. Get your self together and at least get the facts right. No one works for 9k/yr you would make more as a beggar. Go for a run or something to loosen up

  • Actually, that's untrue. Some individuals do. I did for a year and it was very humbling. Some people value simplicity and don't focus on having materialistic/superficial lifestyles, that consist of x amount of unnecessary expenditures and for what? Vanity? To show off to the world? For status? For what? Each to their own, I only care about my personal circumstances and my personal circle of important people.

    By the time I was 24 year's old, I had owned two homes with no mortgage, had savings, a car, a partner and my health.
    I didn't spend recklessly. But the year I decided to only earn 9k, was one of the most humbling and liberating experiences I'd had.

    I had enough money to cover my monthly finances and still had money leftover. I walked everywhere, instead of using my car. I did my grocery shopping at local markets and I was healthy/happy. I don't have children and don't intend to have any, so that made/makes my life easier aswell. Children are expensive beautiful beings šŸ˜€

    So no, I disagreed with your comment. However, I still respect your personal opinion šŸ˜ƒ

  • That was so impressive,You a female ? Would like to eat you

  • Crawl back under your rock, boy. You are not worthy :)

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