Used to sell my wife

I used to sell my wife's mouth and p**** for money I have let all my friend's see her naked while she sleeps and let them watch us have s**. Loved seeing her sucking and getting f***** by other men over the course of a year at least 150 guys blew in her mouth and f***** her a hand full of times she has also watched me get f***** in my ass love sharing her pics

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  • I'd love to see her pics. Please email me

  • My s k y pp e i annie price 123 us my sk y pe i need money

  • Used to sell my wife too still love it and try to get my friends to f*** her

  • I used to have a gambling problem. I would go to casinos and bars all the time dropping my whole paycheck sometimes. We used to have a poker game every Wednesday night so me and the guys could try to win some money. So one night we was playing at my house and I knew I had the winning hand. I had 4 ladies there was no way anyone had a better hand. So a buddy of mine went all in, but I didn't have enough to cover. I figured he was bluffing so I told him I bet my ole lady. If he wins he can f*** my woman for one night. He accepted and then laid down a f****** straight flush. M***********.
    When we called my woman in to tell her the bad news she was p*****. She smacked me and told me I didn't own her, blah blah blah. She first told my buddy no but then decided that she was so p***** at me she would do it just to teach me a lesson. She went to the bedroom for a few minutes and then returned in a sexy ass get up. She grabbed my buddy by the arm and told me she would be back sometime the next day. Then she walked out. She still won't tell me how many times they f***** or what all they did. She just says he rode her all night long. I stopped gambling after that. Have not stepped one foot into a casino in over 3 years. No more poker night and no more bar machines.

  • I think you may be exaggerating a bit. But anyway.
    I sold my wife when we first got married. We couldn't pay the rent and we were about to get evicted from yet another place. My wife of only one year at this point offered to f*** the landlord in exchange for the rent. I agreed it was better than living on the streets. So when the landlord came to collect, she asked him about the arrangement. She accepted but had to go by herself to a hotel of his choosing each month around the first. And she had to f*** him several times to get caught up on the past rent. She spent several days f****** him every night. After that she met him once a month at a hotel to pay our rent. She did this several years until we finally moved out. Truth be told I think she liked f****** him. Because even after we moved she said we owed him money for repairs and different things. So she ended up meeting him several more times to pay for cleaning and repairs. I'm sure that those cost amounted to maybe one months rent, but she still met him another 5 times afterwards for s**.

  • Damn that’s one h*** of a wife I’m jealous...

  • Its maybe your wife is still sleeping with him

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