Becoming a full-time drunk

I've been drinking a lot, whole bottle of wine to myself for example, for the last 3 nights. Think I'll keep going tonight. In love with the impossible. What a fool I am. Cheers.

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  • Woe Is Me...

    Hey, isn't that the title of a crappy song someone wrote once?

  • Your story made me hard. Drunk women turn me on a lot ! I'd love to get you drunk and pound you till you couldn't c** anymore

  • This was written by a man

  • You'll stop after it gets old or boring.. I've had periods of going out too much, drinking too much beer, then feeling like crap the next day. Can only do it to yourself so often before saying..Hey, this kind of sucks and is stupid. I better stop.

    One of my wake-up calls came one night, when, on foot (as my car was at a shop overnight), I walked home from my usual sports bar, admittedly having too much, including shots (which I don't do) bought for me by a guy next to me working on the girls on the other side of me. It was about 15 degrees, and, while I knew my way, decided, under bad, drunken judgement, to take a shortcut..Which ended up into a freezing creek. Slogged around the freezing cold water, trying to get out, but, every even small hill was icy and I couldn't scale them.

    Finally did climb out, soaking wet, freezing...On my walk home, all I thought was..I'm going to die of frostbite, and be found on the side of my own road. When did get home, boots, socks, and pants soaked, winter coat all muddy, I got changed and passed out. Next morning, told myself..Never Again. And I haven't.

    Don't let this ovetake you. Get over it.

  • This must be a true story for once, you never mentioned your "hot older sister". But of course the "sports bar" had to be mentioned, because those are the only two figments of imagination you're capable of clinging to

  • Cheers

  • Why are you drinking so much?

  • I just bought 2 more bottles. I'm in love with the impossible and miserable. Wine makes it all better.

  • Keep drinking. If you're who I think you are, I don't want you on my planet anymore.

  • Until it doesn't....

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