I love wearing gold chain

I have a fetish about cross necklace and gold jewelry since I have memory. I grew up keeping that in secret hoping there is someone else in the world who also have it.
I just loved it and I never knew why. When I was a teen I worn a chain in secret, hiding it from people and wearing it longer and longer until I finally ‘came out of the closet’ and I started to wear it visible in public, with friends and family.

I don’t know why but I was always absurdly afraid of their judgement and opinion on something that was officially always ‘out of the map’ for me.

Years passed by, I live independent and abroad and I managed to get some fine gold pieces I always wanted. I couldn’t be happier about it but the feeling is as strong as the first day it appeared on my life. I just wonder if there is anyone else around who has this weird thing.

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  • Not weird at all. Literally millions of people wear gold chains with crosses. What’s really weird is that you think it’s weird and a fetish. It is neither

  • Agree that it's not a fetish. Everyone online has to stand out in some super-special way-- they're either "triggered" or "traumatized" or "offended" by the simplest little thing. Egregious "fetishes" are the slightly more positive side of that "I'm a special snowflake" coin.

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