I was feeling pretty crappy after

I was feeling pretty crappy after hitting a about 10 pot holes / getting stuck in traffic / long red lights it took a driver who decided it would be fun to tailgate me (after he cut me off) to really tick me off. What i'm really mad at myself for is what I said to some innocent guy walking his dog. He was trying to tell me something after I turned into a neighborhood to get away from that stupid guy who cut me off. I thought he was going to tell me what everyone whos walking in a neighborhood tells me, which is to slow down (some attempted to hit my car with their umbrella), so I was ready with a response this time since I do not believe I drive dangerously in neighborhoods. Turns out he was just trying to tell me to turn on my lights (which I had done to intimidate the piece of s*** who was tailgating me but I was about to turn them back on, anyway). Before letting him finish what he had to say (and allowing my brain time to process it), I already had said "Shut the f*** up." It wouldn't have made me feel half as guilty if it weren't the happy look on his face as if he were just trying to help me. That made me feel really bad, I hope I didn't upset his evening walk.

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  • you are just one of those b****** on that thinks they are better than other. you are so f****** boring just like your story. You need to get life, or find someone to make you his b****.

  • ^^^read the confession again dummy!!

  • How could he be tailgating u if he cut you off? That means hes in front of you. and dont be such a b**** next time.

  • don't beat yourself up. everybody has bad days. i'm sure that guy is just fine!!!

  • Yes I have an anger problem and houston driving conditions don't help. I'm very annoyed with all other traffic (that's why I tend to do most of my joy driving in the middle of the night). But that damn farm truck cruising in the city, cutting me off like he owns the road then tailgating me.. you can only push someone so far. He thought he could intimidate me with his big truck against my little vw. I gave him time to give up, and slowed down VERY slowly, but enough to let him know that I want him off my tail. He wanted a problem obviously, so I abruptly changed my strategy to scare the f*** out of him. I allowed him to pass, then floored it, slammed on the brakes, waved my middle finger, and then FINALLY and really started slowing down. It's funny what it takes some times to get people to take your seriously. The reason I went so extreme was actually out of fear that if I don't give him the impression that i'm absolutely nuts, he will take advantage of me to the point where he might shoot at me (1 out of 4 cars has a gun in texas). When I finally got the point across that he needs to get the h*** away from me, I then decided it would be safest to get away from him. The whole situation really made me mad at that point, because I personally felt a little guilty. That's when I saw that guy shouting at me in the neighborhood, reminding me of the time when a lady tried to hit me with her umbrella just because I have a loud exhaust and appeared to be driving fast. I thought this was a similar case, and I was ready to take on any challenge this time after I had already been started up. So yes, I have an anger problem, but it's really not that bad. I just have a problem with people telling me to do things, in ignorance.

  • It sounds like you have a bit of an anger problem. I know it is hard at times when people annoy you but still, sometimes we must look at the anger that we have inside us and wonder what we can do to stop it.

  • Sorry to hear this.

  • I hate tailgaters!!

  • What a story ... sorry to hear about your bad day. With regards to tailgaters, I usually slow RIGHT DOWN and they soon get the idea. Goodluck with the rest of your day.

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