It's hard to move on.

Well I'm back from my confession on how I got fired from riding a scooter and taking too many breaks and also being called three times which to the result of me getting fired. I haven't finished what I had to say. All my life, I basically had what I wanted and things sort of been handed to me like getting money and presents. It's almost Christmas and now that I haven't had a job since I got fired and no money for my phone in months and because I have nothing to show for it. I've been living with my grandmother's house for almost two years since my mother and I had to leave the apartment due to the fact that we couldn't pay the rent, even though we've lived there for years and I had my own room with all my personal stuff and a big bed to sleep in. Now I have zero privacy around my grandmother's house. I sleep on a rollaway bed every fu#king night. I have nowhere to go because I have no job and no money. I have to hear constant bi#ching from my mother and my aunt that's living there as well. Everyone around me is driving my crazy and I wish I can leave and never come back. I never wanted to stay here in the first place, but I had nowhere else to go. It feels like no one is helping me with my situation and it's making me miserable. It's just hard to move on and trying to find a job, but I've been patient long enough and basically I'm just p***** at the whole world and everyone in it. I often wish that things would stay the same for me, but I know that it won't. Because of that, I have no friends to hang around with anymore. It's just hard to find new ones. The friends I used to have are either dead or gone and I'm just at the same spot I always been. The point is that it's hard for me to move on with all these things in my life. So comment your thoughts about and tell me what should I do.

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  • Step 1: stop feeling sorry for yourself. Step 2: have some compassion for your mother and grandmother. They gave you everything yet you are still freeloading. This can't be easy for them either. Step 3: treat job hunting like a job. Work at it 8 hours a day and take breaks for food and rest, etc. Step 4: exercise humility in the workplace. Don't let people walk all over you, but you have to understand that you don't have the "right" to work; you need to balance your employers needs with your own. Most of all, you really need to grow up and be a f****** man!

  • "It feels like no one is helping me with my situation and it's making me miserable"
    There is a whole lot of people that got no help and they did it themselves. I sure didn't. I was homeless, slept in cars, behind bldg's and actually would take a bath in a lake. Ate field corn and whatever I could scrounge up. I made it and so can you.
    My sister who got all the help in the world has nothing now from having everything. With my father gone not helping her anymore she has no clue how to help herself and is like you waiting for someone to do it for her.

    Get out and find a job. Take anything you can. I myself got a pretty low paying rough job but I learned how to do it well. Worked 2 full time jobs for years then opened my own business. Worked that business as hard as I did the 2 full time jobs. I am very well respected in the city and I am telling you if a homeless kid could do that you can to. At least you have a roof over your head. More than I started with.

  • First of all, accept the fact that you're in the real world now. Everything came easy for you, and now it doesn't. Aren't you glad you were taught that the world revolves around you, and you're only now finding out that it doesn't?

    That's why I think it's near-abusive when parents treat their kids like the second coming-- it's rough to learn the hard way many years later that the rest of the world (including the laws of physics, etc.) doesn't, in fact, bend to your precious little will. So then you kind of shut down and get all angry at a world that does not, in fact, worship you as you've been trained like a dog to expect. Fun, huh? Remember this when-- IF-- you decide you yourself just absolutely need to pump out a few crotch critters of your own. (Protip: It's not actually required, and frankly kind of a bad idea 9 out of 10 times.)

    Get to know people outside your family, maybe people you wouldn't have bothered to even look at back when you were getting everything handed to you. That is where your solution is. It won't be easy or pretty to reach, but you can either do that or continue to rot surrounded by the rest of your stuck-ass family. Welcome to the real world.

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