Fat is where it’s at

I absolutely love my wife’s big, fat gut and ass

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  • My wife has a fat work mate, last year her work had their Xmas party,I drove the Mrs to the fatties house to pick her up,when we got there she wasn't ready so we waited in her lounge(oddly she had a pet rabbit indoors! Who keeps rabbits inside?!!!)
    Anyway,I'm a pantie sniffer,and so naturally I asked to use her toilet.
    Went in her bathroom,and her work trousers and clothes are in a pile on the floor next to the shower,I look inside and BINGO,her uk size 22 black work knickers were there! I picked them up and had a chuckle at the sheer size of these apple catchers,and saw a gorgeous snail trail inside them,I brought them to my nose and had a sniff..... Holy sh.it,I swear I was instantly high!!!!
    Seriously the most beautifully intoxicating p**** smell I've ever sniffed!!!
    Literally the most gorgeous scent ever.
    I had a quick lick and w*** then put them back and carried on.
    Good times👍

  • I once dated a short, fat chick. She was maybe 5'2" with DD t***, and an ass as wide as her shoulders. She was fit, and the best p**** I've ever had. I wish I would have married her.

  • I have a fat buddy who always says "Long and thin maybe in, but short and fat is where it's at"

  • Yeah so much too eat, my bedroom mirror is like it shows my ass dancing on her p****...yum yum yummy

  • I agree. I also have a fat wife and it’s awesome!

  • Well have at it boys cause my standards are way above that.

  • F*** one fat chick and that’ll change. That’s what happened to me. I f***** a fattie sort of as a bucket list type thing and have pretty much only f***** fat chicks ever since. Then I married one. Fat chicks are amazing.

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