every night

every night i hug my body pillow and pretend its her, I, i make up fantasies fro hours about anything you can think of. I like to pretend were snuggling. Im way too overly obsessed w/ her, partly because shes the only person i can turn to if want to talk. She lives 2 states away and i wont see her again until april. sjhe doesnt like me, were just friends... best frineds

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  • Man up n f*** dat pillow bro!!

  • at least you didnt lose her completely

  • It might be one of those pillows made in Japan-land that has a picture of a girl on it.

  • yeah dakimakura. I've looked at them just to see the variety in it. being an otaku and all.

  • Body pillow? You a guy or what?

  • I know how you feel man and it hurts. I go through the same thing too. Sorry things couldn't work out, but at least she is your best friend. Don't lose a friendship over this.

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