Married woman

Why do married women pretend to be single online?

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  • Why do married men pretend they never pretend to be single online?

  • Cuz their whores, duh!#

  • Yep, and not a single one of them, alive or dead, wants to get with YOU.


  • Because all women like c***, and all women fantasize about getting f***** by all the c*** they can find.

  • My demands are very less i just ask them for a hole to enter thats for me

  • Cause they all be huntin that d***!!

  • Are you serious. Maybe it could be a mexican, black, Chinese, rusdian, who knows. It could be a man. I might be me. You never know

  • Because that's what white women do

  • Black women don’t care that’s why they have so many kids.

  • Why?

  • Cause they all be Huntin that d***.

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