Morning flash

Normally I get up really early 3AM to shower and start my day at work. My husband works third shift and isn't even home yet when I leave. I have never closed the bedroom curtains because honestly who's awake at that time? And it gives me a little thrill knowing that I'm naked in front of a window with the lights on, even if my bedroom does only face the neighbor guy. This morning like normal I took a shower and stood in my bedroom getting ready. I dry my hair and do my makeup in the nude just like most every other woman does. I finally put my bra, panties, pants, and shirt on before flipping off the light to head downstairs. When I flipped off the light I noticed a small light on on the neighbors house right across from my bedroom. I stepped back into the bedroom to get a better look and I could see the neighbor guy sitting at the window looking my direction. I have no idea how long or how many times he has watched me get ready while nude, but it really turns me on thinking about it. Maybe tomorrow I will have to lay on the bed facing the window and m********* for him.

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  • What a hot thing to say..mmm

  • I am a voyeur and sure wish you lived next to me. I tell my wife, I try to take pics of her without her knowledge, but she always knows when she is naked to be aware but when I explain how it turns me on you would think she would play along, but no, so I try to be a voyeur and just catch her not knowing I am looking. You would solve my problem

  • Hot... anything new develop yet?

  • More power to you. Go for it. Live life.

  • It's a guy pretending sad c***

  • Be my neighbor please and i will do alot more.

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