Getting caught

I live in a one bedroom apartment. My bedroom is in the back side with the window of my bedroom next to the sidewalk leading to the laundry room outside. I like it keep the blinds up to let the sunshine in.
One morning I woke up with an erection. So I oiled up and began to pleasure myself. I was so hard I was close to e********** when my neighbor, a woman in her late 40’s walked by in front of my window carrying her laundry. I really wasn’t looking out the window at first. But she stopped and was looking at me. When I did notice her I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want her to see me looking at her so I didn’t and kept going. I knew she was still there so I let it all go. There was a lot too. When I was done I looked at her. She smiled and walked away. She lived alone in the apartment next to me.

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  • My wife used to make me w*** and she would watch.

  • Love to watch youwank

  • Wow! I bet she wanted some of that. Next time you wake up with wood. Knock on her door. I’m sure she would be happy to help

    I know I would

  • Really do you read the news? Countless men have been arrested for voyeurism for doing that. Most women would be turned off and call the police.

  • Sorry but no such animal. No statute for voyerisum. But there is for peeping tom which is looking in someone’s window. Law allows you to do what ever you want in your own home

  • What rock you been hiding under? There are plenty more of those stories. If you are gonna play the game, you better know the rules.

  • Jeffrey June
    Police say a man repeatedly exposed himself in a lewd manner in the front window of his own home in the area of Kellogs Corners Road in the Town of Newfield.

    Jeffrey A. June, 50, was arrested Tuesday on misdemeanor charges of public lewdness in the first degree, public lewdness and endangering the welfare of a child, officials say.

    An order of protection was issued against June. He was arraigned in the Town of Newfield Court, released and will appear in court on Feb. 21.

  • Really you think so.

    BATON ROUGE - A man is facing obscenity charges after multiple women accused of him of exposing himself to women passing through his neighborhood.

    According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, 30-year-old Clint English was arrested Thursday after two people claimed they saw him standing nude by the front window of his home, in plain view of any passersby.

    One of the witnesses, who lives in the same neighborhood on Kodiak Street, said they believed English was intentionally trying to expose himself to women passing by. The witnesses also provided investigators with a video which appeared to show English scampering away from the window after he noticed a camera was recording him in the buff.

    Clint was arrested Thursday and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on three counts of obscenity.

  • You must have been excited afterwards and she too had enjoyed the show. Wait till you meet her next in the laundry room and say hello to her.

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