There Was No Good Option

To save the life of one person I love very much from being completely destroyed, I had to make someone else feel completely betrayed.

And now my heart is shattered. I can't stop crying. It couldn't be helped. It had to be done. But that doesn't stop the pain.

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  • So I did a thing. And that one person didn't like it. But I'm a hero because I did it anyway. What did I do? You know, that thing I did. *noble tear*

    Vague, stupid confessions sure are fun to make up, aren't they?

  • Haha you the man

  • It's hard to describe just how badly you misread that.

  • Looks like a pretty good summing up to me! Maybe you find it as "hard to describe" as whatever you were on about in your post, OP.

  • It’s okay. You did your job as an agent. The transmission went through, it was not intercepted by the nefarious operatives, and a little collateral damage was expected. What you did for your country was heroic.

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