A little embarassing

Lisa and have been in this cuckolding relationship for several months now after her initial shock of what it was that I wanted but after her third lover she has decided to open her wings and fly.
Several times I have watched from underneath as the guys c*** slips in and out of her p**** and some of her fluids leak out of her while they f*** and some have dropped on my lips and I licked it off tasting her excitement well this time I was overcome with excitement and he had huge b**** that slapped against my forehead as they f***** and once his c*** fell out and landed on my nose without thinking I sucked him into my mouth and he actually made several strokes before he jammed it back into her p****.
I watched surprised at what I had just done but I was unable to stop now ns I licked her fluids off his b**** and he moaned and began to roughly f*** her then he came forcing his c*** deep into her and I watched his c*** pulse as he came then he moved slowly as his c*** shrank then it fell out of her above my face and I sucked him back into my mouth licking his c** and her fluids off of his c*** then after he backed out I took my wife's hips and I pulled her p**** to my mouth as he was laughing telling Lisa that I had just sucked is c*** but I was overcome with desire and I began to lick his sperm out of my wife sending her into a wild o*****.

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  • Wow that was extremely erotic story, I have an experience with sharing my wife, but not nearly as hot as your experience. Would love to hear more and share my experience as well..


  • Please share your experience.

  • Wife sharing is very erotic.

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