I'm paranoid about my relationship

I developed a crush on my best friend not long ago and she returned the feelings. (Making me lesbian)

We're not dating but we act like we do. She recently developed a crush on someone and I'm always paranoid she'll leave me for him or someone else. Even though she always assures she won't. (In fact that guy flirts with her all the time and it annoys her now)

Sorry if that sounds childish but how can I not be paranoid?? I love her so much and she's my everything.

She's a really sweet and amazing person and I don't wanna lose her, but she's my first crush (since I'm not easily attracted to people) and I'm still young and know it's not gonna last forever.

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  • She’s playing for both teams and you’re stuck in the middle. I’m afraid that this won’t turn out too well for you. Your friend isn’t being cruel but she’s also confused about her sexuality and won’t be able to commit to you. Try to move on and check out other chicks.

  • She recently told me the reason why we aren't dating is because she's afraid her family with find out and try to separate us

  • Honey I have twin daughters aged eleven who are both sexually actively with both sexes and there is no way on this earth I would ever try to influence with their sexuality. There's no way a parent should interfere with what she wants to do. But then I'm a very liberal mum, I allow them to drink alcohol in moderation and I allow them smoke.

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