My sister gets me all hard still

Anybody here Sort of same sittuation as me I also in past ended up kissing my younger sister
We did a few 2many times over the yes to never off gone all the way with each other even both was wanting just2 f*** each other
But never did I was not so much her lucky spoilt brother
From when sister was aged about 10 until she age17 was time frame we was active with each other but am not satisfJed with idea I never gave her a f***..I been dropping hints suggestions around her serif she takes bait but getting no such luck
Think will risk it 1night I get her drinking toking few joints the gum out with it putting heron the spot.
As I always think she says no because she has time to think about it
Backing out she should give in let it out and feel how she will exsplode squirting all over without a don't


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  • That fact that you have been kissing already is really good sign. Flirt with her and give her compliments and be affectionate. I think its just a matter of time until you two make love to each other.

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