African American

Ship them all back to Africa seen as how they all think they're from Africa. You know, want a be called "African American" instead of American. You don't see white people walking around saying call them "Irish American" or "German American". You know how f****** stupid that sounds? I am American, period. I'm not f****** "African American", I'm just plain f****** American. I didn't come from f****** Africa and I ain't never f****** been to Africa. So all you dumb ass m************ who think we're African, send them f****** idiots back to Africa. Because I am American and proud of it. Don't f****** call me African American!

Jan 5, 2019

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  • It's racist to assume that someone with chocolate skin is African. I know a beautiful black woman from Cuba. Even the kind of map Trump would draw with his Sharpie would indicate that Cuba is nowhere near Africa.

  • White guy here. I am friends with this black woman. When I say friends I mean friends with benefits. I am typically not interested in black women sexually but she is a hard 10 and she loves my big d***. The fact that she is nice and we get along helps too. Black guys get so p***** because she is f****** me. Her brother and father are so p***** they could spit nails. Racist p*****. LOL

  • Black girls love white guys. When I was 16 I had an black girl on the side that was 12. Never met her parents, they would of killed me if they knew some of the things I did to her black ass.

  • Have you introduced you fwb to your white family?

  • Yes I have. They are cool with her. Know why? Because we're not racist.

  • Just call your self black for f*** sakes idio

  • If you can't read, ask Mommy to help you.

  • I do fucktard. It's every one else who feels the need to call blacks f****** African American.

  • Wow

  • Know what I hate? Anti gun liberals who try to tell me I can't own a gun. You don't like guns, fine, but don't tell me I can't own one. Run your own f****** life and leave me alone.

  • Lol lol lol lol

  • Know what I hate? Mouth-breathers who threadjack someone else's post with bullshit that has nothing to do with the topic.

    See that big pretty blue button up near the top that says Confess Something? Click that and post your own stupid confession. Considering how you so hate other people stepping on your precious little toes, you're pretty good at doing exactly that. Run your own fvcking screed against whoever you hate at this particular moment and leave the rest of us alone.

  • Oh, and since your kind just loves to squall the word "liberal" when they get butthurt (which is every 2.3 seconds or so), don't bother putting it in your inevitable pissy response. I'm pro-gun myself. You don't have to be a Faux News-loving sisterfucker to know how to pull a trigger ;)

  • Wow, so butthurt. I can tell you're a liberal. Lol

  • Brilliant n original. kill urself. lol

  • What's the matter negro? Your mommy not give you enough love when you was a little s***? L****!

  • Good lord, somebody bring on the meteor. That's the only way to get rid of idiot cockroaches of this magnitude!

    Congrats on "winning" with a "your mom" line. Crushes the other person every time, and oh so witty on top of it!! -_-

  • Blacks fail to realize the paradox of their situation. They claim they don't want to be treated differently by racism, yet they want to be called something other than just American. How can you eliminate racism if you keep bringing it up? That is the paradox.

  • That's OP's point, and it's refreshing to hear. Political correctness as it's being used is taking interracial dialogue backwards, not forwards. Good luck telling that to a SJW, though!

  • What's an sjw?
    Scummy jiggaboo woman?

  • Shut up, moron.

  • Yep. Also stands for stupid justice weaklings.

  • Going by how persistently the basement dwellers refuse to respond with any intelligence whatsoever, on this thread it stands for Stupid Jackoffs Writing

  • If you were a white Africa born citizen and you immigrated to America, wouldn't you be a white African American? More so than a black American.

  • You have a good point though. A lot of low iq Africans vlaims if your born in Britain from black parents your suddenly English. Use their own flawed low IQ logic against them.

  • Citizen of Africa. An immigrant descendant. No white guy can ever be African nor can any Welsh man be Japanese.

  • Haha yes! Very true ๐Ÿ˜ but the co.ons would probably think you were being racist against them still

  • Lol yo your post is tagged for "sexual" so guess what you gave away your true motives. It's ok to have jungle fever, buddy!

  • The OP used F****** in the post so CP tagged it sexual. It was posted in Venting, so I don't thing the OP has jungle fever. Just saying.

  • Tags are applied depending on what words are used. It's not controlled by the OP. Now don't you feel like an dumbshit?

  • I call myself English, because I'm from England.
    Never say I'm British,as the Scottish are arseho les and the welsh are just strange,and the Irish....where to begin!! Bogtrotters is a start.
    I'm English,not British, and never a European!!!
    And wont be for long either!!!! Go BREXIT!!!!
    Cue pro EU and their infantile comments. Go suck corbyns treacherous anti semtic !!

  • The Welsh are the native people of England. A dog born in a horses stable doesnt make the dog a horse. We natives have adapted to our great island. Without modern white society, you and your kind would not be able to survive in England.

  • Corbyn is an IRA sympathising oxygen thief. Refusing to sing the national anthem? Traitor. Bring on Brexit, take back control of our borders, and try to stop the Islamic take over of our nation

  • Mate I would buy you a pint๐Ÿ‘ cant stand comrade corbyn,he is a traitor and a threat to the security of our country.
    And now he's calling for an election???!!!! What good is that going to do with the negotiations? Sweet f.a that's what,he's using this as a way to become pm,that's his only interest,he's never cared about anything apart from becoming pm.
    I wish farage was in charge,he would of sorted this mess out,AND stood up for the country. And whilst I'm here, Al MURRAY,you fat unfunny c.unt, you standing for the local elections in a bid to undermine farage was infantile. you,and Gary lineker and whilst I'm here, James cordon.๐Ÿ‘Š

  • In one way or another all we have is just hate

  • Only the stupid ones

  • I don't hate your momma๐Ÿ˜

  • She'd hate you if she knew you existed, though :D

  • Dem coons is way racist against whites.
    F*** them

  • But quite clearly you're African American

  • Quite clearly you need to take your virtue signaling somewhere else.

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