My best friend saw naked photos of my beautiful, blonde wife

My best friend and I arranged a bachelor party at my hut for another friend of us, and he slept on my wifes side of the bed that night. We were pretty drunk both of us when going to bed, but we are both able to talk about serious and intimate things as we are very close childhood buddies. We often talk about s**, and this time, probably because I was drunk engough) , I felt I was ready to admit my cuckold fantasies to him. He has also known my wife throughout our youth, and he has always been h**** for her. So I told him that I respect my wife and love her deeply, but I have a strong need to show him photos of her naked, and wondered if it would be ok. He offcourse responded something like "f*** yes, offcourse, I hope you are not kidding me right now". So, my heart pulsing quick, and my d*** allready hard, I took up my phone and flipped to the naked photos. I let him see photos, for example one where she sits in a chait, her skirt hiked up, her white panties to the side, p**** exposed. Her perfectly, innocent and virginlike p****. He pretty much groaned, taking over my phone while studying. After some viewing and commenting on my wifes p****, ass and t***, I confessed that I had cuckold fantasies. Now he is not a Natural dominant, but we started talking about wich scenarios I thought of, and we soon found common ground. "I would take *my wifes name* to the bathroom at a a party, leaving you With the other guests", or "she should have been the main Entertainment at Our bachelor party". He obviously understood how to push the right buttons right away, and I told him I loved those humiliating scenarios. He again, assured me that he had imagined her naked and f****** her for years, and was very happy with me sharing these photos and information. Because now he can openly discuss her p**** with me, and what would be fun to do with her etc. After a while, he went to the bathroom to j*** off, I did the same in bed, and we went to sleep.

Anyways; I am trying to find ways to "accidently" let other men see the naked photos of my wife now. Things like leaving my phone open while going to the bathroom, letting guys have the chance to find the photos. But I would not have the chance to witness it happining though, so its not ideal. Any other ideas, experiences in this matter?


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  • I would love to see some photos!

  • I would love to see some photos.

  • Love to see and comment on her pictures.

  • You can send them to me

  • I have shown pictures of my wife in lingerie to her nephew who is only 15 years old, I pretended to leave my phone open accidentally and I saw him looked a few times. He pretended like he didn't know but I saw the look on his face. I want to let him see those pictures again but maybe in the washroom by himself and see what would he do. I also want to show him her naked pictures too.

  • Sounds really hot, do you fantasize about him f****** her as well?

  • I’ve let other guys see naked pics of my wife. It really turns me on knowing that they get hard over her. Have also shown the pics to guys in our family.

  • It’s my fantasy for another man to take my fiancée’s virginity, so what I do, to “accidentally” show her nudes are to text or email some of them to my friends “accidentally.”

    While I was drinking with one of them, he started talking to me about how stunningly sexy and attractive my fiancée looks, that she has an amazing body, nice firm b****, round ass, and the tightest looking p**** he’s ever seen. Like you, I asked him if he’d like to see more pics of her. Like your friend, he enthusiastically agreed, so I texted him over some more, including two videos of her stripping and masturbating. As my friend watched her m********* and listen to her moan, I told him that her p**** is tight because she’s still a virgin. As he watched her rub her c*** and hear her moan, he half-heartedly said to let him open her up for me. As he watch my fiancée’s virgin p**** c**, I asked him what he would do, if I said he could. He asked me if I was serious, and I said I am. He asked me why, so that’s when I came out to him, as a cuckold. I told him that it turns me on to imagine my fiancée being another man’s s*** because I get off on the humiliation. The harder I’m sexually humiliated, the harder I get off. And that, for me, the most humiliating thing, as a cuckold, is my fiancée letting another man permanently deny me the chance to own her virginity because she chose him to be the first to enter her p****. I told him that it’s the only thing I get off on. As we discussed it, he eventually agreed to do it.


  • Send me some pics of her and I'll talk filth about her

  • Would you be interested to get nudes of my virgin fiancée?

  • I would love to see them. Please email me

  • Yes

  • pls

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