I could never have believed how much better my marriage could be by becoming a cuckold in chastity.

I never was good in bed. No foreplay, came fast, fell asleep! My wife had to m********* in frustration. Finally after 3 years it all came to a head. She told me she was going to take a lover for s**. I listened in shock and disbelief. She said I could accept it or leave. She assured me that she loved me but that she needed s**..

After thinking about it and realizing she was dead serious, I decided to see how that would effect our marriage. She began staying with another man on Friday night after work. She would come home Sat. morning well f*****. She demanded I go down on her when she came home and I was so humiliated to be sucking another man's c** out of my wife's p****. While I was doing it she locked her legs over by back so I could not pull up. She said, yes, eat my black lovers c**. You are a sissy and he is a man! I was devastated. Then after a few weeks she came home with him.This big black stud. I watched him f*** her so hard.

Then I was forced to clean her. Then I felt his c*** being forced into my a***. I shot a huge load and my wife made me eat it. I was told to give him a b******* the next morning and that is when she locked me in chastity.

Now my hornyness drives me crazy. I get no s** or release. I wash dishes, do laundry, vacuum, and wear an apron. I wear pink panties and beg to be let out to m*********. I have to do that in front of them.

The pressure of having to try to sexually satisfy my wife is off. I am far more relaxed. I am amazed at how much better my marriage is now that I am a totally submissive cuckold.

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  • This cuck s*** needs to go. It’d be a cold day in h*** before I allowed that kind of thing to go down, at the mention of it I would’ve kicked her to the curb.

  • When did she let out to write this?
    You sound like a black guy writing his fantasies?
    Not only black, gay as well!!

  • It is obviously a fantasy of his, to say that he "hd to." You couldn't have simply left her or divorced her after leaving?

  • When you really love someone you can't do that

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