Secret Bi

I am so turned on by, thinking about sucking and f****** another guy. I have sucked a few c**** in my time. I love p****, but I watch bi/tranny p*** a lot. I am watching Thai Tranny P*** right now. I am married and I have tried to tell my wife but I am too embarrassed. When I was 8 or 9 my brother, he was 14 or 15, used to suck my c*** and I would suck his. I think this has something to do with it. I find myself wanting to meet a random guy.. just to have another c*** in my mouth, but I feel ashamed about this. I love to eat p**** and f*** it. I have found myself attracted to Cuckold p*** over the last few years. This may be due to my desire to suck another c***. I might be willing to let another man f*** my wife, just to have an excuse to suck another c***. I am also really turned on by thinking about eating another man's c** from my wife's freshly c** in p****. But anyways, this feels good to let someone know....

Dec 12, 2015

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  • I'm a 38yo, married, white collar professional man who is bisexual. I've been sucking and f****** other men since I was in middle school and absolutely love the feel of a c*** getting hard in my mouth and vise versa. There's a lot more bi men that one might have imagined - thanks to the internet and the ability to anonymously say, I like to suck other men's d****.

  • Why are they so difficult to find - I would love to suck another mans c***

  • That's so hot, I'd suck your c***, you can suck mine, it's only 4 inches and skinny so I'd be great for tucking your wife, then you could eat her c*** after. Then f*** her and let me eat her c***! I want to f*** each other in the ass? Reach around? I'll w*** you off whole licking your a****** while your wife sucks my d***? Does that turn you on?

  • Id enjoy f****** your wife so you could suck my c*** and lick her c*** clean. Id suck yours for you if you wanted me to

  • You are not alone about trannies.

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