Lingerie Boy part 2

After spending the day with the cute sales lady who sold me all the lingerie, Mom wanted to know what we did. I told her all about the sec we had and that she called several of her girlfriends to come over and watch me dress up in ladies lingerie. They giggled and laughed but we also felt each other out, and they loved seeing a boy wearing ladies lingerie.

Now that I had all my own women's underwear, mom would kiss me good night wearing a loose fitting nightie that would show me her 38 C t***. Mom saw me ogling her t****** and asked me to take them out of her nightie, so I could suck on and fondle them, which I loved. She also began letting me feel her silky panties. It was so cool to be feeling Mom's panties, while she masturbated me thru mine. For almost a year I kept begging her to let me fondle her pus*y but she kept on saying no. Finally she gave in and let me play with her while she played with me. I asked Mom if she would shave her v*****, cause I didn't like all her hair. She told me i would have to do that myself. What a turn on to be able to shave Mom's puss every 3 days. I really loved the hours of foreplay that Mom & I shared every day.

After school I would invite my next door neighbors to come over and watch me dress up in all of my lingerie. They loved watching me get naked and then dress up in my women's underwear. Of course we would strip and I would lick Becky's smooth little girl pu*sy, and then I would suck on her younger brother's little c*ck.

At the end of 6th grade Mom had to hire a new maid, and as our old one had moved away. She hired a 20 something maid who was quite pretty. I didn't know it until years later but Mom hired a maid who not only would clean the house, but to also let me get sexual with her. I kept all my lingerie in my Mom's bedroom so none of my friends would find it in my room and ask embarrassing questions.

In the summer of my 6th grade year I would wait till the maid was cleaning my Mom's room and then I go in and look thru Mom's lingerie to pick out what I was going to wear that day. The maid noticed me picking out panties, stockings, slips, shapewear, and bras to wear. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I loved wearing wearing Mom's silky lingerie. She didn't know it was really mine. She laughed and told me she had to see this. I told her to follow me into my room which she did. I took off all my clothes, and she feel me out. I said yes as she began to jack me off & I began feeling her under her dress and then slid my fingers inside the legband of her panties & began fingering her wet p**sy. I told her I wanted to shave her puss and she said I could when she took a bath at the end of the day. After we both came, I put on all my silky lingerie in front of her. She laughed as I began to dress up like a girl. She asked if she could invite some other maids to come over at lunch so they could see me wearing women's lingerie. I loved that idea. They came over and loved seeing me dressed as a woman. They let me kiss them and touch them all over. This became a daily ritual. Many times I would bring Becky & Timmy over and I'd lick and suck both of them in front of her. After a few weeks of doing eating them out in front of her, she'd let Becky suck on her 34B b****** and then let Timmy rub his teeny weenie on her t***. I would lick her p**sy while they were doing her. We did this for years all thru my high school years.

After a couple of years our maid lost her apt. so Mom let her be a live-in maid. For a little over a month she stayed in my room where we slept together in my bed. After Mom fixed up her own room, we began having 3somes with her. She loved mom's body. Our maid would also let some of my friends sleep with her. During this time I always wore ladies lingerie, and then Mom finally began letting me fu*k her which was awesome. What a way to grow up.


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  • I would love a little boy wearing panties sucking my c***

  • I'd love a young boy around8 to 12 who would wear panties, and of course I'd be dressed in women's underwear and I would s*ck on his hard b**** for hours. I love young boys hairless c*cks.

  • Im a boy im shaved i wear girls panties

  • Om a boy i wear girls pantiesim all shaved pubes

  • Im a bo im all shaved i wear girl s panties

  • Your mum is a paedo

    Oh wait a minute, I was forgetting that this is confessionpost, so none of it is true.

    I'll rephrase that. Your mum isn't a paedo. YOU are. Get help. And stay away from kids

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