Feels good in lingerie

I have a fantastic missus. I began wearing women's lingerie and clothing about 12years ago,it wasn't something that I planned to do but after 5 days of wearing women's lingerie i was hooked and i tryed to stop but couldn't,i told my missus i can't stop and i didn't think i want to,i asked her is it wrong of me wanting to wear women's lingerie and clothing and she replied no as you would be surprised at how many guys dress up on women's clothing,she has stood by me and supports me,i dress in women's lingerie and clothing when at home and if i need to drive to shops i just put male clothing over top of what im wearing,sometimes I dress up in female clothing and go for a drive

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  • It's a slippery slope...I know my ex had the same thing. Started out like that now he's a she..had the op and has been living like that for the last 10 years. Sad thing is s/he is very sick now from all the hormones s/he's been on..I don't think men's bodies were made to handle these things..it's def not sustainable..anyway stop obsessing about the underwear etc it makes it worse..you planted a seed and now it's growing, so stop cultivating it..like any addiction, you need to break it..your world won't fall down if you stop doing it...your wife won't love it for what it is either even if she seems and says she doesn't mind. Women are more complex than men..
    I only accepted it with my ex because I thought well at least I now know his secret and it sort of makes him a freak..it sort of makes you closer because you know the secret but also it translates into woman logic as ' I've got him now and he's mine and he can't go with anyone else ever because he's a freak' lol I'm not even Joking 🙃

  • I do the same, not sure if my wife knows though.

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