Secrets nobody knows

I am 21 and married,when i was 13years old and my sister was 11 we used to touch and play with each other,i would lick her p**** and she would suck my c***,one night i got home from work and my wife said hope i don't mind but she asked my sister to come over and stay with us for a few days as she needed to see her mom.I said no it's fine so come Friday night i sister arrived and then my wife said she better get going and would be home tomorrow night,i kissed her goodbye. I poured my self a scotch and sat down my sister said she was going for a shower,i was feeling a little h**** so pulled my c*** out and began jerking off before sister came in. I was about to blow my load when sister walked in and caught me she said just like old times don't stop now then said you need something to look at while you j*** off then open her dressing gown and let it fall to the floor,she was beautiful,i hadn't seen her body since we were kids. She said do you like what you see big brother,i nodded to her and held my hand out to her she sat beside me and began jerking me off.i c** over her. I asked how long my wife asked her to stay for she said for a few weeks. We both had a drink then had s**. I asked her if she wanted to go out as a couple she replied only if i wear stockings with suspenders and lingerie under my clothing. 1just looked at her she said if we going out as a couple and nobody knows we are brother and sister then nobody will know that your wearing women's lingerie under your clothes so o agreed. She gave me a pair of deep blue silky lace panties and a matching bra to wear and give me a pair of black silk stockings with suspenders then I put on my male clothing. Once dressed she said she had to grab something she came back carrying a long red maxi silky skirt and a white silky blouse and a pair of hi heels,i asked what they were for she surprise you have to wait. We went to a club and dance and kissed nobody knew us.we left there an went to a strip club we sat up the back in the dark when sister stood up and said quickly get your c*** out i pulled it out she lifted her skirt then slowly slid down on to my h****** once it was all the way inside her she slowly moved up an down on it i didn't take long to c** in her.we left there an went to the car as we drove off she said stop at the dark park and follow her to the ladies. I got out and i didn't see her with clothes under her arm,she went in then called me in she stood there holding out the women's clothing and said here put these on before someone comes hurry up she says so i take my clothing off and stood there in lingerie i quickly put on the female clothing and went to put on my male clothing but relised my sister had taken off with my clothing so i had to make a run to the car wearing women's lingerie and clothing. I got to car and got in my sister laughing. She said so big brother likes wearing women's clothing and having s** with little sister. There i was sitting in car dressed in women's clothing she said let's go to the old cabin,i said that's a hours drive she replied so you stay in skirt and blouse till we get there. I said to sister i must admit that I really enjoy wearing women's lingerie and clothing and told her she the only person that knows that i wear women's clothing. We spent night at cabin and had s** all night..we headed home and waited for wife. When wife come inside she looked at us both and said did you 2 have a good time. Over next few weeks my sister and I had s** every chance we go


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  • I LOVE incest. Its a game the whole family can play.

  • Kill yourself to preserve the gene pool

  • Nice tale! Very hot read

  • Yeah i can't believe there is any nice sister like this one

  • But it was still fun to read

  • Lol you fancy your sister and like cross dressing it seems. Nice fake story.

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