Fantasising over my mother in law

I want my MIL so bad that i cannot stop fantasising about it. My other half is beautiful, a slim brunette and is 12 years younger than me. Her mum is a blonde in her 50's, also pretty, curvy but not overweight but with the most incredible t***. From the very first time I met her I wanted her and its just getting worse. Every time I see her I am checking her out and imagining getting her away from everybody else so that I can somehow engineer a scenario where I can get her naked and f*** her. And the thing is I know she thinks I'm attractive as she is constantly telling my other half how handsome she thinks I am. Recently when she hugs me to say bye and kisses me on the cheek, I started letting my mouth brush hers and have progressed this, when it is just the two of us, to actively kissing the side of her mouth and this may be my imagination but she seems to be doing the same thing now. This is more than fantasy, I have never wanted anybody this bad and I know that if i am able to engineer a situation where it can happen I will absolutely do it. Any advice or stories from anybody who has gone through with this would be awesome as it is driving me crazy!

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  • I quite fancied my mother in law, but didnt get any encouragement or come on's at all but that didnt stop me trying the odd inuendo, compliment or sexy joke about her getting a new man after her older husband had died, to see if she was in any way still interested in s** but it was all definately without result. She was getting quite close to sixty but her body was slim and fit and from the back she honestly looked half her age, an a*** to die for. She often came over to stay a few days to be with our kids a while ( she lives out of state). She didnt really respond at all to jokes, so I obviously never pushed it but I once went back home with her, at my wife's request. Her Dad had died a year before and her Mom was going to give away all their old computer stuff to a charity shop as she now had a lap top. I am in that field so my wife told me to drop her off at home and bring back her Dad's old Computer and flash drives to check before she gave them away, just to check they didnt have peronal identity or bank information on them before she unwittingly gave them to stangers. I did, I brought them all home and what I found was mind blowing... They contained hundreds of sexy P*** images, mostly of a "insertion" theme.. I curiously waded throug the many photo's of vibrators, beer bottles, candles, shampoo bottles, even a shower head ALL the way inside a lovely gaping p**** which was clearly well 'used' and held apart wide on two or three photos. With a thunderbolt of shock I suddenly recognised a picture on the wall behind one image. It was my mother in laws's living room! As I looked closely I could tell was clearly her, despite her face not showing on any of the pictures the rings on her fingers holding a gaping p**** wide open were still on her fingers now, The next time she stays over, and my wife is at work she WILL be 'showing' me exactly how much she enjoyed masturbating with objects for her older husband, or else the rest of the world will.

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