Some 39 year old is trying to hook up with me

So some 39 f** (who admitted to being 39) keep saying he wants to f*** me and use me as his toy.

But I already told him I'm UNDER the age group f 15, but NOPE! He doesn't believe me because "kids don't have those depressive thoughts"

Like, b****. Do you think just because kids like me are young that we don't get stressed or depressive thoughts???? We go through MORE stress than people like you

Because growing up is f****** hard. Being an adult I thought you'd know that.

And I may be female but I am no toy. I know to stick up for myself when my fists don't do that for me

So if your think a minor is "sexy" and you want to "f*** them" you're a pedophile, a disgusting person and you need to f****** kill yourself.

Jan 14, 2019

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  • It is sad ,You have told all these pervs that you are a 15 year old girl ,and that you like girls not men and they still hit on you . Hey guys leave the poor girl alone..If you need to get off there are plenty of sissies that will let you do what ever you want to them .

  • Im wanking for yo

  • Please strip out off your school uniform for me

  • So where are these interactions taking place? Making yourself a target? Family friend? Internet...Pull yourself away from the heat of the fire love..

  • L would love to take you out on a date sweetie

  • 1. F*** no, w****.
    2. I'm lesbian so I don't even swing that way
    3. I have a girlfriend
    And 4. Even if I was into men it's not like I'd even be interested in that non-existent micro d*** of yours.

  • Pull your school girl panties down for me and i will redden your fifteen year old a***

  • Call the cops for me and they'll put hand cuffs on you and take you away.

  • Die you kiddy fiddler f***

  • You there hun

  • And you,go die you kiddy fiddling f***

  • Mhm

  • Mmmmmm great ages....

  • Another paedo who's just added his name to the list of wanted nonces


  • I know right?
    If I had known people were gonna act like this I would've said nothing in the first place

  • Ignore the kiddy fiddlers,they think this site is 100% anonymous,but they clearly have no idea ๐Ÿ˜… this site is as transparent as anything. Everything on here is being monitored!!!! So let them spout their disgusting filth,ad they'll be getting a visit from the police in the future๐Ÿ‘

  • True

  • So how you getting on.........

  • She is a l****

  • Leave her the h*** alone..

  • H*** no

  • You piece off s***. she is fifteen years old..

  • Mother humper she is 17 scroll down and ready to fuckedd ...yum yum

  • Wow

  • What age are you!

  • She is 15

  • She is 15 yo

  • ? who are you

  • Why would I tell you?

  • I'm too old as i'm nearly 17

  • Do you have a job or study ?

  • Sorry to hare about your troubles. bloke is a total d***.

  • I'm confused with this entire conversation at this point

  • It's easy to get confused when the conversation is being driven by a mouthy half-grown drama queen desperate for ANY kind of attention

  • Do you really think I care about your insults?

  • ? why what has you confused

  • Just all the different replies is making me confused
    I don't know at this point, I'm just tired I guess

  • ? so are you ok

  • Poor baby girl and maybe get an early night hugs xxx

  • Im sorry you are going through all this hun. you are so wonderfull and there is some mean people on here. i hope you have a nice weekend. do you have any hobbies or play sports hun. hope you have a nice weekend hugs xxx

  • She do bend over alot๐Ÿ˜†

  • You are a lowlife

  • Thank you <33
    And currently no I don't have any hobbies, I'm kinda an introvert who doesn't like going outside

  • Do you like to read..

  • Not much.

  • ? so whats your favourite thing to do hugs

  • Defiantly not

  • Not what hun..

  • I don't really like hugs

  • Ok sorry about that..

  • It's okay <3

  • You seem like a good person and deserve every happiness.

  • Thank you
    You seem like a nice person as well <33

  • ? not what

  • ? want a boyfriend

  • Um no.
    I'm not into guys

  • ? do you have a girlfriend so

  • Yes I do

  • Very good

  • Put your uniform on for me

  • Put your jail suit on

  • Finger your school girl p****

  • Call the police, f*****.

  • Should be castrated and burnt alive

  • Let me finger you

  • You think you have problems , look at me on wheel chair living unwillingly like a parasite on my family. At 15 only you say you are suicidal then go head and just die. WHY ANYONE WOULD CARE ,PEOPLE look for what they want only so you need to face the problems like a man or STFU....

  • How dare you speak to a child or anybody like that. you are a disgusting human being.

  • If you're just gonna tell people to shut the f*** up just because they're upset about something then you deserve to be in that wheelchair. No wonder you're a burden to your family, you're an absolute b****.

  • Wow, be more of a cvnt. Wanna try living in a wheelchair yourself? Being dependent on others and having to worry a lot more about mobility (at least, in places you can still access)? I'd say the space between your ears is an even greater disability.

  • Oh so you think your big words are going to hurt me? Whether that person is in a wheelchair or not doesn't give them a reason to tell me to kill myself.

    They're still a regular person and deserved to be treated that way, whether it's good or bad.

  • You think YOUR "big words" are going to hurt people who disagree with YOU. Oh, I forgot, you're a teenager. Nothing but hormones and drama and arrogance, believing herself to be so much smarter and stronger than everyone else. Bury your face in your gf's m*** until you attain some level of mental and emotional maturity, then you can speak on a level with those who have actually experienced life some.

  • Plus that was nearly two months ago
    Let it go kid

  • I honestly don't care
    Whether that person is in a wheelchair or not that doesn't mean they automatically have the ability to treat other people's problems like s*** and not get treated like s*** back.

    Everyone is different and if someone is going to treat me horribly I'm only going to treat them the same way back.

    Being disabled doesn't mean you get to treat others like they're less than you.

  • Please ignore these people hun hugs xxx

  • Shut up, pedo "mommy"

  • You need a c***

  • You need a noose.

  • Sick baserd

  • Morning sweetie and well done for ignoreing all the negative comments. some people are disgusting and truely awfull. if what that peeson says is true. i hope her child is taken off her. have a wonderfull day hun. love from mommy off two hugs xxx

  • Have him arrested

  • I'll try

  • Good girl and im the mommy off two here hun. ignore that person whos writeing all that horribale stuff hugs xxx

  • Jesus.. You really need to talk to some authority figure about this. I was in the same position as you once. Get that nasty f*** arrested please.

  • Yeah, I'll try to
    Thank you

  • Little lady and how dare you. i would roast your bare buns if you were my daughter...

  • Well good thing I'm not your daughter.

  • Got that rite little madam. you would be grounded for a month and my husband and i would redden your bare buns each evening for a week with early bedtime

  • Like I said, good thing I'm not your daughter. I'd rather not know what you do to her

  • Your parents ough too roast your buns.

  • Actually no they won't, please leave me alone.

  • I said drop it little madam rite now.

  • Drop this attitude at once you little madam.

  • F*** off pedo.

  • How about you stop telling me things I'm uncomfortable with instead

  • I would tann your bare buns..

  • You won't even be able to do that since I'm African American, racist f**.

  • Aaand the gratuitous "race card" is shown. Maybe you're racist for assuming everyone who doesn't agree with you ISN'T African American. Racist! LOL

  • How the f*** does that make me racist?? I'm just saying my skin is too dark to be tanned

  • Your butt needs tanning..

  • Once again still impossible, f**.

  • You also hold that tounge little madam..

  • You would not be such a cheeky madam if i was your mother. i hope your at least grounded or early bedtime for your attitude..

  • You total brat...

  • Can you just leave the poor kid alone if you don't have any helpful advice?
    Being harassed by a pedophile is f****** terrifying. Kid, you need to tell your parents or guardians about this and let them handle it.

  • Your parents should. strip and spank you...

  • Your parents should beat you to death

  • What attitude you little madam..

  • Your such a little madam. how dare you speak to an adult like that. you would be joining our daughter whos bare naked standingbin corner for back talking..

  • Thank you

  • Thanks
    You're a disgusting creep
    I feel bad that your daughter has such a terrible parent

  • Attitude little madam...

  • Hope your parents roast your buns up..

  • I hope the police come and shoot you

  • Yawn.

    Lame post.

    Just trying to get comments. Yes,we all know that peados are the scum of the earth,and I'd gladly kill them all, but just go back to bed

  • If you find it lame then why comment?
    And I don't care if no one reads this, I just wanted to rant out my anger.

  • If you don't care that no one reads this, stop coming back here and responding. That's what we adults (whose brains are fully developed, unlike teenage ones) call logic. Have a great night, princess!

  • Hi sweetie and please ignore all the negative comments. you sound like a sweet girl. you can chat with me if you like and i have two daughters. one 11 and if im rite with what you said hun then one 14 and close to your age. i send hugs and love to you princess...

  • Thank you, it's nice to know there are some good people on this site

  • Wow, all anyone has to do is say "sweetheart" and "hun" every other word and that makes them a good person? Psh yeah, your judgment is solid... Hey look, there's a guy in a van over there who wants to give you candy! He's calling you "sweetheart" and "hun"! Sounds legit!

  • Please sweethear dont listen too these negative comments hugs xxx

  • Please sweetheart do try ignore all the negative comments. you will be fine and your wonderfull and like one off my own baby girls hugs xxx

  • Hello pedo mommy where have you been

  • Your welcome princess and i wish i could hug you like my own baby girls...

  • Your a disgusting human being.

  • Haha chat to you? ^^ you're quite clearly a kiddie fiddler lol

  • You are so ignorant..

  • YOU need a 9mm between the eyes.

  • Then you should have posted it under "venting"

  • I would've but I accidentally clicked on the wrong thing and didn't notice (I wasn't wearing my glasses)

  • So you're half blind and aren't good at observation anyway. Nice excuses, formed by a not-yet-developed adolescent brain. LOL

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