I'm becoming obsessed with the idea of being pegged

I'm a regular straight guy in a settled long term relationship with my girlfriend, but I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with the idea of getting pegged, of spreading my legs and taking a strapon up my butt.

I'd never really thought about this before, but a while ago when she was jerking my d*** she reached around and started fingering my a******, asking if I liked that, if she should carry on. It felt great, turns out I'm really sensitive and easily stimulated back there and it got my d*** rock hard.

After this I started to get curious. Now, when I j******* myself, I've started fingering my own a****** or even using my girlfriend's vibrator. It feels great penetrating myself like that. My curiosity also led me to look up online whether other straight guys feel this way and that led me to pegging.

I'd never thought before about women wearing strapon d***** and being on top, women penetrating their men, f****** them with their strapons. But now I knew from reading about it, from watching pegging p*** that this was something that I really wanted.

Ever since it's sometimes all that I can think of. If my girlfriend's out, I'll be watching pegging videos and s******* my butt with her vibrator while I j*** off thinking about getting pegged myself. I'm obsessed.

She doesn't know any of this, just that I like her fingering me back there. She's quite submissive generally and likes me to be in control in the bedroom so I don't know at all if she'd be keen on pegging me. I'm nervous she'd think less of me for wanting it so bad, like I was unmanly or something. But, whether I tell her or not, it's something I can't stop thinking about.


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  • Don't come right out and say, "Peg me!" Too direct.
    Let her m********* you and then let it slip that you want her finger in your ass. Then quickly apologize, saying that you didn't mean to offend her. If she doesn't want it, she'll accept the apology. If she is interested, she'll continue. Moan with pleasure and let her know how hot that was for you.
    Let her catch you with her vibrator. She'll want to use it on you. Change positions until you're in a submissive one.

    My wife is submissive, too. I once stripped naked, got on all fours, and crawled across the floor to her and kissed her feet. Then, I sat at her feet and hugged her leg, looking up at her while she stood over me. It triggered something inside her that night. She was giving me playful spanks and then used the vibrator on me while I was on all fours.

  • My ex started pegging me after many drunken chats about it. Eventually we tried it, every Friday night was pegging night, even if we were out drinking with friends, we'd get home and she'd put her strapon on. We did it for a few months until she let slip to her friend. Her friend wanted to try it and we gave in eventually. Then things escalated. 2 months down the line, her friend cones round for another pegging night, but with her boyfriend. Turns out he is bisexual and before I know if I'm getting f***** in the ass by a guy. The next couple months were spent having orgies, I would f*** my girlfriend's friend and sometimes her boyfriend. He would f*** my girlfriend etc. Then one night, in a slightly drunken game, I was tied up and they took turns on me, this was al, part of the fun until the guy came round and stared f****** my mouth. He came, I gagged and swallowed some and then vomited on him. I later punched him and never saw him again. I still meet my ex to f***, regular and strapon even though I have a new girlfriend. She doesn't like strapon stuff, she has never tried but thinks it's f***** up. I still like it hence meeting my ex. So try it if you want, but if they're not into it, you might end up looking elsewhere.

  • Deffinatly feels great, make sure to d**** before hand warm water feels the best. Nothing wrong with this though the Male g spot is in the r*****

  • Go for it! You only live once and it’s safer than finding a guy to stuff your ass!

  • This is the thing, she must be also into this, 2 of my previous girlfriends were into this, and they like it , but some girls are not comfortable with it.

  • Tell her what you like. She would rather you share with her than anyone else. We watched vids and came across pegging. I asked her to show me what it feels like to be stuffed by her past lovers bigger c***.
    It was hotbfor both of us

  • My girlfriend pegs me and I love it she wants to show me off to her girlfriends and let them take me to we are currently looking for other people into Peggy

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