I think the only reason I don't scratch my wrists is because if I did people would see because I absolutely HATE long sleeves. I feel like I forced myself to save myself sometimes.!.

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  • Depression is tough. Struggled myself. I feel like I just want to kill myself because I hate the feeling.

    I do find pain to be a nice distraction. For example if I'm at work and feel sleepy, down, can't concentrate then I go into the toilet and put on nipple clamps. The pain wakes me up. I feel very clear headed for about half an hour. Then the pain has gone. I take them off and the pain comes back and clears my head but only for a few minutes.

    Sometimes I've tried a butt plug as a distraction but it's not really effective and can be just annoying.

    A couple of times I went to a dominatrix and had them whip my butt. Really envigorating but I can't afford it.

  • You could get a tampon,soak it in Tabasco sauce and insert it in your a***,the pain will be long and intense,and really good for the soul

  • Interesting idea.

  • Chop your nuts no one will see

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