So me and the wife been married for 20 years. So she decided she wanted to get kinky and ask if I was game to pegging. At this point in are relationship why not. So the first time we did it she was super h**** that she actually came by her just f****** me. As we got more into pegging over time I found myself enjoying it more and more and buying bigger ones. I can tell she did not think it would lead to this me craving it in my ass everytime we got frisky. My wife is fit maybe 8 on a 1 to 10 scale I'm average build 6 ft but have been told by many women very handsome and been called a stud by many. Who knew I would enjoy prostate play. My wife being sexy already looks so dam hot wearing a strap on not sure cause it's so taboo. Well I have found myself looking at so much tranny and she male p*** I actually crave the real thing now. Well my wife came across my history on computer I can tell somthing was wrong so she ask if I was gay or bi or if she was not good enough. I told no she perfect that she brought out a side I did not know I would cross. Don't know what to do now.

Feb 19

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  • You are a lucky guy! Hold onto that one. That's every guys fantasy . If they say they wouldn't want what you have with your wife then they are lying. Just be open and honest. You know that she will most likely enjoy that side of you.

  • Go to free love party with your wife

  • The right thing... invite her to the party. Why would you leave her out... at least ask, if it's only fun then the right thing would be to include her too.

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