I like showing myself

I'm a straight 20 year old male, all normal right...well until I tell you that for some reason I like to show my c*** to other gay men. A while ago one night I was very h****, I looked at p*** and was jerking myself, but that wasn't enough so I decided to go on this site and look for people to chat with in a sexual manner.

I ended up talking with a gay guy and he asked for a d*** pic, strangely I obliged. He started by complimenting me on my c*** and I really liked it. Fast forward and now I send d*** pics to gay guys as a regular thing but this doesn't mean that I want to have s** with a guy it just gets me off when someone has a l*** for my d***, I even started a snapchat story where gay guys can see my c*** regularly.

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  • What's your snap chat name

  • I like to send pics of myself to gay men although I'm straight. I also like having phone s** with them. It's fun and turns me on. Once I face time a guy that was into men wearing jock straps. I put on my jock strap and let him look at my ass while he masturbated then he wanted me to watch him c**.

  • One of these days ur gonna get kicked in the nuts, mark my words...

  • Lol, care to expand?

  • Lol

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