I like showing myself

I'm a straight 20 year old male, all normal right...well until I tell you that for some reason I like to show my c*** to other gay men. A while ago one night I was very h****, I looked at p*** and was jerking myself, but that wasn't enough so I decided to go on this site and look for people to chat with in a sexual manner.

I ended up talking with a gay guy and he asked for a d*** pic, strangely I obliged. He started by complimenting me on my c*** and I really liked it. Fast forward and now I send d*** pics to gay guys as a regular thing but this doesn't mean that I want to have s** with a guy it just gets me off when someone has a l*** for my d***, I even started a snapchat story where gay guys can see my c*** regularly.

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  • I’m straight but like to have phone s** with gay guys and j*** off and c**. I tell them what I would do to them and them to me. It’s just fun.

  • Once I cycled to a remote village area and when I reached an exotic river side decided to take a dip in that serene water. Since there were no houses nearby I waded into the waters stark naked. Being too excited being alone an nude in that cool waters I started to play with my c*** which was clearly visible in the water in the sunlight. As I was stroking a man aged 25 years stood up from the big grasses on the bank and waved his hands and dropping his dresses swam to my side and just demanded to suck his c*** saying that he has seen me masturbating. Interesting part is that I was gay and I happily got hold of his c*** and started to suck. He was literally taken aback and felt he was a virgin and straight man. I gave him a good sucking and he came without much effort. I asked him shall I f*** him in his ass he realised I am gay and he pushed me back and just left the river hurriedly without looking back. I enjoyed the situation.

  • I am straight curious. I have been married 10 years and I loved sexting other men in my situation. Mostly straight but also gay. Definitely was a huge turn on for me!!!

  • I straight but like phone s** with gay or straight men. I like to tell them to f*** my ass or I tell them what I want to do to their wives. Do this while jerking. It's fun.

  • What's your snap chat name

  • I like to send pics of myself to gay men although I'm straight. I also like having phone s** with them. It's fun and turns me on. Once I face time a guy that was into men wearing jock straps. I put on my jock strap and let him look at my ass while he masturbated then he wanted me to watch him c**.

  • One of these days ur gonna get kicked in the nuts, mark my words...

  • Lol, care to expand?

  • Lol

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