I first met James in high school and I was dating tom at the time but he was to much of a Ma Mas boy for me so after Jim and met and he asked me out I quickly dumped him and Jim and I are both very sexual.
He transferred in from Sacramento and it was our senior year.
Mon had already found out that I liked the boys so she months ago took me to the Dr. and got me started on birth control so Jim and I f***** whenever we got the chance under the bleachers and once in the faculty restroom during class.
We would sometimes drive up HWY 80 and I would flash truckers either showing them my b****** or leaning the seat back and masturbating for the guys
I once jacked off a hitch hiker above the town of Dutch Flat one time while Jim watched from the front seat the guy wanted me to suck his c*** but he smelled bad and I took no chances but he came all over my hands and blouse.
Jim was always trying to get me to f*** one guy or another so he could watch but he had already asked me to marry him when we graduated and I didn't feel right about doing that.
On the eve of our wedding Jim teased me telling me that all of his friends were going to f*** me after the ceramony but he was joking.
Not long after we married i was still on birth control because I was studying to be a labtec. at Kaiser and we wanted to wait awhile before we had children.
Jim constantly asked me if I was f****** any of the guys I worked with wanting details of any guy that hit on me and several of them had but I was a married lady now so shove it up your own ass.
I was getting tired of his perversion and I had warned him several times that if he kept it up I was going to leave him but he really couldent bring himself to stop so I decided to spend a few nights with my friend Sharon to see if he would come around that way.
I left him a note and packed a small suitcase leaving the note on the table and Sharon welcomed me with open arms and she was another one that could only think about s** and asked me if I wanted to go bar hopping with her that night to see if she could get lucky.
We tried a bar in Vallejo but didnt like the crowd so she said lets go to Fairfield th the cowboy bar over there so off we went.
I wasent really thinking of picking up a guy but what the h*** Jim and I were seperated so that was an open door if something came up.

The bar was loud and crowded on that Friday night and us two girls were quickly surrounded by h**** guys wanting to get into our pants and I found that very exciting and I started to take off my wedding ring but Sharon said leave it on guys like to think they are f****** sombodys wife.
I was feeling wild and free dancing and joking with the guys and if they wanted a kiss of a quick feel I laughingly let them play.
Sharon called me outside and said she was going home with the guy she had been dancing with and gave me her Key to the apartment and left.
God the guy she left with was a hunk and I envied her .
I was getting tipsy and the guys were getting more and more toutchie feelie with me and I was to drunk to drive but still moving around alright I had danced with Carl several times and the bar was almost ready to close so when we danced the last dance he had his hand uo inside of my blouse teasing my nipple with his thumb and forefinger and he whispered in my ear want to come to my place and have some fun and I agreed and I locked up my car leaving it there until the next morning and Carl and I went back to his place and hurriedly undressed and I felt a little twang of guilt but thought to myself f*** him he had been asking me to do this so just f*** him and we f***** for over an hour. I came twice but Carl held back for me and he was a very good lover and then he asked if he could c** in me and I said sure I was on birth control so he let fly and filled me up.
We laid there talking for awhile but I was still h**** so I started to give him head to get him hard enough to f*** again but my cell phone went off and I could see that it was Jim So I answeredand he was shouting where the h*** have you been I have been past Sharons place 5 times and your car is not there and all the lightsa art turned off and you havent answered your phone all evening.
I was feeling a little guilty but I was also feeling spitefull to so I said the band at the bar was so loud I didnt hear the phone sorry.
He asked where are you the bars closed over 2 hours ago and I am parked outside of Sharons place right now so i said Sharon picked up a guy and went home with him .... He asked and where are you then.
I said defiantly well I picked up a guy to and we have been f****** for over an hour and when you called i was sucking his d*** to get him hard again he is a very good lover.
I asid well I have to finish what I started so I am going to hang up he has the cutest c*** Jim and it tasted just fine. He shouted NO DONT DO IT but I sais smugly good night Jim we can talk tomorrow and o I am going to turn my phone off not nighty night sweetheart and I hung up.
Carl wanted to know what was going on so I explained our situation and he said he would be willing to f*** me in front of Jim if I was interested and he logged his cell into mine si I sucken him hard nd we fcked and the next morning even with a slight hangover ai gave him som head to see if his c** tasted like Jims and it did,

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