So last week im driving home from work h**** as h*** i mean hardon most of the day h****. So i decided to take a detour to drive by some hookers and j*** off, i see a couple and becuse of my stroking im getting ready to squirt, then while stopped at this light i see a f***** up looking crackwhore staring im my car i make eye contact and she walks over while im jerking so i was like how much to j*** off on your face? she tells me 10 bucks so im like f*** it jump in why let a good load go to waste. Now at one time this chick was probably cute but not anymore she was white maybe 90 pounds had her raggedy hair pulled back and wearing a black t shirt and jeans so i pull over tell her to put her head in my lap and start jerking right in her face cause no way am i letting this w**** touch me it didnt take to long before i unleashed a monster 5 big squirt c****** right between her eyes. Now i normally squirt good but becuse i had been hard for awhile and stroking already i really let loose i mean c** went everywhere including all over the side of her face hair and all over her shirt and on her back, once my b**** were drained i told her to get the f*** out while she was wiping my c** off with her black shirt, i drove off laughing thinking that the next dude who picked her up or her dealer was gonna notice some of my fresh sperm that she missed clinging to her hair and back of her shirt, f****** worthless piece of s*** pig got exactly what she deserved.

Oct 5, 2010

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  • Imagine thinking ur better then the person on crack lol ur a piece of s*** <3 die

  • Ignore the comments below! You made me laugh,and I say f.ucking good on you lad👍

  • way to help out the unfortunate dude, giving her ten bucks like that

  • ur the pig for even going to a crakhore.

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